DermoidDermody (synonym dermoid cyst) - benign kistevidnyi education, developing as a result of immersion in the embryonic period particles ectodermal embryonic leaf in the underlying tissues or due to a malformation of all three embryonic leaves. In the latter case, these formations called teratomas (see). Dermody can be in different parts of the body - on the face, neck, neck, mediastinum, sacral area, as well as in the ovaries. Dermoid - single chamber, rarely multi-cyst containing greasy substance, Horny masses and hair. Most often found in the skin (epidermoid) in the form of spherical soft tumor resembling atheroma, often with thinned over her skin. Sometimes become inflamed and nagnaivajutsja. In the mediastinum are detected by x-ray in the form of spherical rounded shadows. In the ovaries are defined as a cyst or tumor. Treatment surgical - removal.