Desmurgy application of dressings

Desmurgy - the doctrine of the bandages. The following types of dressings.
adhesive bandage An adhesive bandage is used in small or tightly sewn wounds, boils, for the rapprochement granulating wounds edges (Fig. 3), fractured ribs (Fig. 4), and after the reduction of umbilical hernias (Fig. 5). Impose an adhesive bandage from a roll of adhesive tape after unwinding or bactericidal sticky patch, after removing the protective film. The patch impose the adhesive side directly on the small wounds, bruises, scratches after processing alcoholic iodine solution or over dressing material strips of different forms (Fig. 1). Strips should capture parts of the skin around the dressing material (Fig. 2).
Zinc-gelatin bandage is applied to provide constant pressure when varicose veins of the leg.
Gelatine powder (200 g) is placed in cold water (200 ml) for swelling. Excess water is drained and put the vessel with melted zhelatinoj in a water bath (in other vessel with boiling water, mix until gelatin does not become liquid. Mix 100 grams oxide zinc with 300 ml of water and add 100 grams of glycerin. This pasty mass, stirring, add to gelatin and then poured into a flat Cup, where it solidifies in the form of paste. Before applying zinc-gelatin bandages pasta to be heated on a water bath and when the paste will become a pasty, smear it on the skin of the foot and lower leg; top impose swathe bandage (4-5 layers), additionally accurately, each layer of pasta.
Kleopova bandage is applied in the same cases, as plastyrnyj. On the affected area impose collapsed in several layers of gauze, the skin around cuticles kleola. When he started to dry (formed thread between finger and skin when zatragivanija to it), apply to a gauze pad in one layer, pulling her tightly against her skin lubricated, kleola. Excess Marley cut off. Sometimes when imposing swathe of bandages for their greater strength of the skin around the wound surface kleola.
Recipes kleola: pine or spruce resin 30 g, ether 100 grams of Flaxseed oil 0.1 g or rosin 40 grams of alcohol 95 degrees 33 g, ether 15 grams of sunflower oil 1, adding to cleru antiseptic substances (the furatsilina) or antibiotics (the syntomycin) can RUB them abrasion, scratches and superficial cuts. Healing goes under covering the wound with tape.
Kolodina bandage Kolodina bandage is applied in the same cases, as plastyrnyj. Having covered the wound dressing material, impose on top of it gauze. Available its territory, adjacent to the skin, moisten with collodion and wait until it dries out (Fig. 6).
Headbands with the use of rubber glue. Under uniform lubrication imposed bandage rubber glue (rubber solution in the mixture of ether with gasoline), you can protect it from getting wet.
These dressings are suitable for small children to protect the wound from wetting the urine.
Casinofree bandages. The headscarf is called triangular piece of cloth or handkerchief, folded diagonally (Fig. 7). The longest side it is called a basis of lying against her corner is on the top, and the other two corners - ends. Casinofree bandage is often used when providing first aid. The most convenient band for hanging hands (Fig. 8). Mid kerchiefs put under bent at a right angle forearm, the summit aimed to elbow, one end goes between the torso and arm, the other on top of the hand. The ends tied around the neck. For improvisation casinosno dressings can apply a strip of cloth, towel (Fig. 9), sex jacket (Fig. 10).casinofree bandagedesmurgy in pictures Cravat may be imposed on any part of the body, for example it can be covered all the hairy surface of the head (Fig. 11), breast (Fig. 12), brush (Fig. 13), the area of the elbow joint (Fig. 14), the buttocks (Fig. 15), the tibia (Fig. 16), stop (Fig. 17). Adding a headscarf on the grounds in the form of a tie, it is possible to apply for the bandage on axillary region and the girdle (Fig. 18). Two kerchiefs, one of which is composed of a tie, it is possible to cover the area of the shoulder joint (Fig. 19), the area of the buttocks and upper thigh (Fig. 20).

  • Swathe bandages
  • Bandage on the head and neck
  • Bandages on her chest
  • Bandages on the belly and crotch
  • Bandages on the upper limb
  • Bandages on the lower limb
  • The imposition of a fixed bandages - see Plaster technique, Bus, splinting.