Dezoksikortikosteron-acetate (DOKSA, Desoxycorticosteronum aceticum; list B) - mineralocorticoid (see Corticosteroids). Are synthetically. Dezoksikortikosteron-acetate has biological activity of the natural hormone crust napochechnikov, has an impact on water and electrolyte metabolism (causing a delay of Na and increasing the secretion of ions To); plasma increases, increased blood pressure. Applied intramuscularly 0,005-0,01 g 1 a 1 to 2 days at Addison disease, addisonizme, myasthenia gravis, muscular weakness, hypotonia. Contraindicated in hypertension, edema, angina and other Higher doses: single 0.01 g (2 ml of 0.5% solution), daily 0.02 g (4 ml of 0.5% solution). Released in ampoules to 1 ml of 0.5% oil solution.
Cm. also Hormonotherapy.