Hygiene of children and teenagers

Hygiene of children and adolescents - the branch of hygiene dealing with the study of peculiarities of reactions growing and developing organism in response to the influence of various factors of the external environment and develop on this basis hygienic requirements to the child's environment, aimed at health promotion and improvement of physical development.
The main goal of hygiene of children and adolescents well articulated in the programme of the CPSU: "the Party considers one of the most important tasks is to provide education since the early childhood physically strong young generation with the harmonic development of physical and spiritual forces" *.
In our country established a system of public education and training of children through a broad network of child care institutions (children's day nursery, kindergartens, schools, boarding schools, schools with extended day and so on), the number of which increases from year to year.
In the town and village of the CPSU Program provides for full and free satisfaction of needs of the population in nurseries, kindergartens and playgrounds, schools with extended day, in pioneer camps, mass deployment of a network of boarding schools with free children maintenance. All schools will be introduced free hot Breakfast, extended school day with providing students with free Lunches, free provision of school clothes and manuals.

* The program of the CPSU. H 2, sec. 2, 96 S..