Sex education of children of younger school age

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About sexual relations lot to say is not accepted. However, parents and teachers should be aware of gradually increasing difficulties experienced by children at the age of 10-12 years. The beginning of hormonal activity sex glands accompanied boys appearance of spontaneous erections, especially in the morning and at night. In girls under the influence of female sex hormones in the age of 9-11 years has been the growth of mammary glands, there are the first pubic hair and underarm area. Unlike the preschool children of this age is more characteristic of the behavior and actions related to begin the revival of the sexual interests, which at first carefully concealed. As these should be treated? Be considered as the natural expression or as a result of early sexual awakening the senses, the bad influence of the streets, comrades?
Parents must show a keen understanding of child psychology. The main thing is that the line of conduct of parents are not based on diametrically opposite views. On the one hand, it is impossible to completely ignore the first awakening of sexual feelings and more vivid forms of its manifestation, on the other - is not necessary for them to rapidly respond to highlight them, threatening to read lengthy instruction. The one and the other bad. The complete lack of attention and excessive fixation on his sexual experiences of a child can have a detrimental influence, contributing to the growth of vague and contradictory desires in painful sexual experiences deeply traumatic unstable psyche of the child.
Sexual experiences in the form of specific feelings and excitement natural for a child not only in the puberty, but long before him. Pleasant sensations associated with irritation of the vulva, may arise in the preschool period. The reason for the awakening of a sense of pleasure from very young children can be of various mechanical and thermal influence on parts of the body near the genitals, in the form of kisses, polayana and stroking on the buttocks. Parents, educators, pionervozhataya should know this and to prevent such acts in the treatment of children of any age.
If carefully monitor the behavior of children in organized groups and at home, you can watch a variety of visual, auditory, tactile stimuli environment (peeping, eavesdropping, rubbing the genitals when lying on his stomach, rubbing folds of the linen, and so on)by calling one a sense of sexual pleasure, when repeated contribute to the formation of unhealthy habits or, as the doctors say, pathological conditional reflexes of a sexual nature.
Many "unmotivated" moods and habits of children sexually driven and for a long time remain unresolved for parents. For example, in a state of sexual arousal boy tends to act up and insist that they put him to sleep with his mother; sometimes asks to pet or scratch my back, buttocks; and sometimes with pleasure touching the genitals or treats them. It is very important to follow at this time the actions of the child, to corrigiruet them, not letting them be in unhealthy habits. Otherwise sexually caused painful skills and habits are so rooted that previously applied measures - peeping, eavesdropping, zatragivanija is no longer satisfy the sexual interests of the child. He is looking for new irritation and eventually finds various forms of self-gratification. Among them fairly widespread is Masturbation (Masturbation).