Sex education of children of younger school age

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In the absence of monitoring and verification parents may experience other unhealthy sexual habits in children. What is this habit? Under the influence of any of the reasons and what mechanism they arise? What should parents and older to prevent it?
Among unhealthy sexual inclinations, to awaken in primary school, and sometimes in the early years, it should be noted abnormal sexual attraction. It may be directed against persons age (gerontophilia) or sexual objects of the same sex, regardless of age (homosexual attraction). Libido can be combined by type of conditional reflex with appreciation or causing pain. In such cases say masochistic, or sadistic inclinations. Possible formation and other more rare, sexual deviations.
It is established that sexual experiences that occur in pre-school and Junior school age, are the main reason contributing to the revival of unhealthy sexual desire. In the early sexuality libido - libido is not differentiated. It has not, of course, the correct orientation. Therefore, favorable conditions are created when originally undifferentiated libido can take an unhealthy focus on any object unnatural sexual attraction, especially under the influence of natural for children to follow or errors made in the process of sex education.
Negative impacts of adverse life conditions, strong impressions early childhood neglect the mental image of the child. For example, a prolonged stay in a bed with a person of the same gender, provided erotic imaginations or accidentally experienced sexual arousal may be sufficient to remember it for life and then actively, at the first opportunity, to achieve its recurrence.
As in any childhood intense, prolonged sexual excitation are undesirable, it is important for parents opening of reasons, the explanation of which depend measures of education, In this regard, it is necessary to consider two of the most important interdependent circumstances: what is the interaction of the environment (family, school, street) and personality developing baby (character, temperament, sensitive and others).
If the surrounding child adults behave tactless, roughly swear and curse, tell a dirty story or ambiguous jokes, obscene the calls, and baby, sometimes without knowing it, all well and remembers gradually becomes rough, shameless in their desires, actions, and thoughts.
Particularly sensitive to the perception of the evil influences excessively emotional, sensitive and nervous children. Excessively excitable, closed and impressionable child more prone to premature development of sexual arousal and the formation of unhealthy habits of a sexual nature. These habits over time can become obsessive, violent. Such children are in need of qualified medical assistance, as his own, even with the help of parents, and get rid of bad habits can be difficult, and sometimes impossible.