Sex education of children of school age

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More rare cause of abnormal emissions is inflammation of the glans penis, which in combination with inflammation of the inner leaf of the foreskin is called balanoposthitis. The latter usually occurs as a result of stimulation of these sites flowing from the urethra in the urine, the remnants of sperm after wet dreams or, more often, the decomposed sebum - smegma accumulating in the skin bag. When inflammation and his skin head of the penis appear itching, burning, pain; head and internal sheet foreskin become swollen, red. In advanced cases in the inflammatory process engages all the foreskin.
In preventing balanoposthitis important hygiene genitals. You need daily and inflammation several times a day to wash the head of the penis, and skin bag with warm water with the subsequent drying genitals with a piece of sterile gauze or bandage.
In pathological-emissions due to excessive sexual desire, parents ' attention should be aimed at appeasing boys and complete elimination erotica existing stimuli - photographs, drawings, literature, films and other things of a sexual nature. If the young men have increased nervous irritability, sensitivity and begin seriously to fear of adverse consequences are experiencing a period, then a good result has the doctor-a neuropsychiatrist explanatory psychotherapy. If you suspect an inflammation of the foreskin should seek medical help to doctors the dermatologist or a urologist.
Not stopping other private reasons wet dreams, you can say anything that causes congestive plethora in the pelvic and long-lasting arousal, would contribute to their increased. Therefore, from the hygienic point of view is not necessary for the night to drink plenty of fluids to drink vinegar, pepper, mustard, and a large number of high-calorie food. It is important to set the mode of the day, landscape and healthier life, to ensure that there is no extra time for infertile sexual dreams. Instead of the dull and monotonous life you have committed to increase the interest of all kinds of creative and sports activities, contributing to the harmonious development of personality.
The transition period, or puberty starts earlier for girls than boys, aged 10-12 years are formed Breasts, changes of female type of bone system, wider become the bones of the pelvis. It usually happens before the emergence of the first menstruation, whose appearance does not mean puberty. Therefore, in the process of puberty girls reasonable to distinguish two periods. In the first period (10-13 years) swell and formed mammary glands, increase in volume and pigmentosa nipples breast and development of external genitals. Under the influence of sexual hormones of the pituitary and ovarian cancer increases the deposition of fat on the thighs and buttocks, and the girl's body starts to get inherent girls rounded shape. With the beginning of puberty coincides speedy growth of body length and weight gain up to 4-6 pounds a year. Menarche signals the end of the first period. In the second period is the slowdown of the body, formed secondary sexual characteristics - the growth of pubic hair on the mound, armpits. The period ends at the age of 14-16 years, when you receive the ability to fertilize and development of pregnancy. By this time there is a significant growth of the vagina, issued its vaults, folds of the vaginal walls become more pronounced. In the epithelial cells of the mucous is delayed more and more of glycogen is the main nutritional product for normal microflora of the vagina, the so-called vaginal sticks of Doderlein that break down glycogen to the stage of lactic acid, a disastrous effect at pyogenic microflora. In the ovaries and the uterus starts to happen processes typical for adult girls. Under the influence of hormones from the ovary, the mucous membrane of the uterus undergo cyclic changes. By the beginning of menstruation due to the plethora looks swollen, loose, ready to accept a fertilized egg. In the absence of fertilization occurs rejection of the surface layer of mucous, rupture of small vessels, accompanied by bleeding from the genital slit.