Sex education of children of school age

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Starting at the age of 12-13, menstruation continue to 45-55 years, regularly repeating every 21-30 days. The duration (average 3 - 4 days), the frequency and the amount of blood varies depending on individual characteristics, living conditions, food, transferred common diseases, functional state of the endocrine glands, nervous-psychic experiences. However, the harsh living conditions can seriously disrupt the normal flow of puberty. Remote consequences of the siege of Leningrad demonstrated the deleterious effects of a severe mental trauma and malnutrition in the process of puberty. Monthly when this came later, the cycle of them was broken, the genitals are often remained underdeveloped (infantile). Pregnancy or have not occurred, or, if the surviving possible to conceive, prematurely interrupted due to a spontaneous miscarriage. (Abortion is the termination of pregnancy before 28-week period. The fruit born before this date is considered nonviable.)
And yet, in the absence of confounding factors, will not be considered a painful expression, if the regularity of the cycle will be established in 1-2 years, or the intervals between periods will reach the first time 45-60 days. Although menstruation often come at the age of 12-13 years, the onset of them at the age of 14-15 years is also not considered a disease state. Listed physiological variations of the menstrual cycle in young girls are a temporary phenomenon, caused by violation of ovarian function. Only in the absence of menstruation at the age of 16-17 years, and for painful menstruation, accompanied by headaches, vomiting, General weakness, profuse bleeding, you should resort to medical help.
Usually healthy, physically developed girls the emergence and formation of menstruation are harmless. On the contrary, physically weak, nervous, often ill and do not keep the hygiene of sexual organs, can meet a variety of complaints: weakness, irritability, bad mood, pain in the lower abdomen and lumbar-sacral region. If to these complaints join expressed human cycles, excessive or overly meager amount of blood, it is necessary to consult the girl at the doctor-specialist, as in the basis of these violations may lie not only diseases of the genital organs and certain disorders of the nervous system or the endocrine glands.
During menstruation the inner surface of the uterus is a bleeding wound. The cervical canal somewhat expanded, and the outer hole in his priotkryta. Because during menstruation decrease the body resistance, and allocated the blood can become a breeding ground for pathogens, these days it is important strictly to comply with specific hygiene rules to protect yourself from potential debilitating diseases of the genitalia can seriously complicate further the course of pregnancy and childbearing function. Cleanliness and tidiness are not only sanitary, but also an important aesthetic value.
It is best to use gauze pads, which are sold at pharmacies. Wearing them is necessary on hygienic zone has the form T bandages, and change as getting wet. During menstruation need at least two roses in the day to wash with warm boiled water with soap liquid jet. The cleaning should be done from the urethra to the anal opening. If conditions permit, it is recommended to take a shower every day. But take a bath or swim in open water should not - dirty water into the sex organs can easily get infected.