Sex education of children of school age

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In the days of menstruation need to lead a more relaxed lifestyle, avoid physical activity, not to participate in the camping trips, sporting events, Especially contraindicated jumping, Cycling, horse riding.
In winter it is not recommended to wear light silk and thin panties stockings: cooling of the body can cause inflammation of appendages of a uterus , with possible development of infertility.
In puberty greatly increases the activity of sebaceous and sweat glands. For this reason, it is desirable to limit the wearing underwear made of synthetic materials. Unlike cotton fabrics, it has no ability to absorb sweat. The formed products of decomposition of sweat, causing itching in the genital area, predispose to Masturbation and early awakening increased sexual excitability.
When signs of puberty, avoid possible conflicts, the mother should advance in quiet conversation to prepare the girl by the beginning of menstruation, explaining her naturalness and innocence of this physiological phenomenon and the need to observe during this period, appropriate hygienic rules. Such parent conversation is important because before the onset of the first menstruation sometimes there are abundant mucus milky color and sensation of itching in the genital area. Increasing the wave of General and sexual arousal in some cases can cause erotic dreams and wet dreams in which from the uterus and vagina in the peristaltic contractions their muscular erupt mucus. Sharp increase sexual desire in pre-menstrual period, often combined with the weakening of constraining motives, prone to mechanical irritation of the vulva, with the aim of obtaining voluptuous sensations. If after intensive analiticheskii action comes first menstruation, the girl perceives it as something terrible, as a consequence of their actions. In such cases, girls tend not only to hide the onset of menstruation, but can make and other rash acts, especially if to take into account that they are in this period is peculiar mental instability, shyness, feelings of inferiority. Parents need to spare their psyche, to have with them a Frank talk, every time emphasizing the naturalness are experiencing a period.
Along with the anatomic and physiological features of puberty is characterized and new psycho-physiological phenomena, very different in boys and girls in which they do not always correctly oriented. Increasing sexual desire awakens vague, and the boys absolutely certain, sometimes persistent desire, imperiously demanding satisfaction. As a result of collision between increasing sexual arousal and forced its braking between "want" and "no" can significantly worsen neurotic traits.
Left alone with their newly arising challenges and difficulties, the young man often does not understand what was happening to him. It is necessary to explain the features are experiencing a period, to direct the flow of newly awakening forces in socially useful direction by the full revival of interest in educational and labour processes, sports activities, works of literature and art, through education enhancing cultural behavior skills. Otherwise, the young man may be at the mercy overwhelmed his sexual feelings and desires, reducing achieving high goals to search for possible ways of sexual satisfaction.