Sex education of children of school age

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Parents often do not think about what their children had started sexual experiences. However, not having received the necessary information from the adults, children are easily complement their knowledge, usually in a distorted, vulgar, from "reputable, having experience" comrades. Trying to look older, "friends" do not think about the delicacy and tact on the observance of moral principles of deep respect to the girl, woman. So with the first steps on the way of disclosing sexual secrets posilaetsya light feeling to the girl, wife, mother. Sex education - the question is complex and subtle. On many sides it is not to say. Sphere of sexual experiences are purely personal. It concerns the psychological experiences of young men who are opposed not only to the discussion of friends, but sometimes not stand parent of advice and counsel, and when tactless approach and rough prohibition of sexual experiences are developing against adults, which predisposes many typical of the young men stubbornness.
Puberty is a very important moment in the life of young men and women because "...we all sixteen loved, and therefore loved us." Yes, boys and girls aged 16-17 is excessive amorous. They can easily get carried away, their feelings break out like a bright torches. Parents, listening loving son or daughter, easily notice that they too idealize their elected or chosen ones, finding they only have some dignity and not noticing flaws. Like everything, for example, a young man in a favorite girl face and figure, clothes and hairstyle. He is in love with her gait, voice, perfume, which she enjoys. However, the lad cannot deeply understand why this and not another girl like him so much. Well, if parents will help youth to discover the girl of the qualities that are needed her when she will be the mother of his children. Very pleased when the maiden pride accompanies modesty, tenderness, kindness, softness in circulation, persistence in achieving goals. Well, when the girl sees in his chosen one strong, smart and humble friend, with whom she pleased and happy to work, study and rest.