Sex education of children of school age

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Senior school age (14-17 years) coincides with the period of puberty, which, admittedly, is considered the most difficult period of life. Puberty called puberty *. During this period, which occupies about 3-5 years, the boy is becoming a man, and a girl into a woman. The process of transformation is connected with the increase in the activity of the nervous system and endocrine glands.
The sex glands - testicles in males and ovaries in girls - are beginning increasingly to produce sex hormones - estrogen and androgens, significant part of which enters the blood. With the action of these hormones is connected final formation of the reproductive organs, as well as the development of secondary sexual characteristics. To last the boys are growing a moustache and beard, hair growth of pubic hair, armpits. Marked boundary of the scalp inherent in man's body in the form of a triangle with the top facing the navel, you receive a lower voice, the figure becomes more muscular shoulders - wide, pelvis is narrow.
During puberty, boys can distinguish two periods - the initial and final. The first period corresponds to the age of 13-14 years when a "break" the voice, there are the first pubic hair, increased growth of body length, develops penis, testicles, prostate, and seminal vesicles. In the second period (15-16 years), along with increased growth of hair under the armpits, pubic, and facial night sperm emission (pollution). The appearance of the first emission can be regarded as an important sign of the onset of puberty. The wet-dream, occurring during sleep, usually precede the erotic dreams, they are accompanied by a revival, a unique feeling of relief and do not cause any subjective and objective disorders. However, in some cases emission scare teenagers, causing unrest, fear, depression. Because emissions are accompanied by dreams "obscene", adolescents, in the absence of adequate contact with their parents, trying to hide their mental sexually colored experiences.
Parents should be aware of possible traumatic psyche boys consequences in advance and calmly explain the regularity and naturalness of their manifestations. Usually wet dreams are with intervals of 10-12 days to 2 months or less frequently. The main cause more frequent wet dreams is pathologically (painfully) increased sexual desire (libido), which is quite often diagnosed in young men in unfavorable family relations and serious defects Beitunia, when the entire course of the thoughts and actions is determined by the complex overly exciting psyche sexual experiences. For example, during an interrogation of one of the young patients, we found that he had "eyes flowed sexuality parents"that caused sooner awakened especially increased sexual feelings. In the process of intimate conversations he first "dare" to share their painful experiences, reaching to despair. Despite shyness, distraction, "the fear of being unmasked, managed to establish the attention of our young men was entirely fixed on female images, objects of their service, and erotic fantasy was characterized by such stability that he started to be afraid of madness on this ground". Therefore, very often emission signal about the serious problem of gross blunders in the educational work of parents, about the difficult and hidden emotional hardships of a young man who until recently remained defenseless alone with increasing and all subordinate sexual sense.
By the severity of sexual desire can be to some extent to judge about the growing activity sex glands - the testes, pituitary and to a lesser extent, the adrenal cortex. Physiological increase sexual desire in the pubertal period underlies the formation of conditional genital reflexes implemented with the beginning of married life.

* From the Latin pubertas - puberty, manhood.