For children to be happy

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Performed a great miracle - born people. In most cases, the nature gives him the makings of a great. But they require the development, perfection and constant training. For example, memory requires regular exercises - remember heard sounds of individual words, sentences, then the fairy tales, verses. In the future this training is deepening at school.
"Every young body in normal conditions is a huge reserve, gifts and powers, " wrote the Russian physiologist N.E. Vvedensky (1852-1922). Usually only a part of these forces and inclinations are really implemented and utilized in later life, and in most cases only a small part. The real question is how can more fully the rich reserve of strength that lies in our organization".
Formation micropump function of skeletal muscles - intramuscular peripheral "hearts" occurs simultaneously with the formation of the activities of other bodies. As is the case with their training? After all, the heart is complicated by the growth of the body. It turns out that there is something just not everything.
In the age of acceleration, i.e. rapid physical development of children, scientists first noticed the discrepancy between the level of development of the chest height and weight of the body. High, take long teenagers are often narrow-chested. Had to recommend a number of recreational activities, contributing to the alignment of this imbalance.
Some children, because of the rapid growth of the body length't keep the internal organs and mechanisms of their regulation. This primarily refers to the cardiovascular system, whose development is lagging behind the rate of growth and weight. There was still one problem century - hypomania heart, that is the lag behind other physiological parameters. Introduced the term "motor hunger"- a sharp decrease motor activity refers not only to adults but also to children as a result of radical changes in lifestyle and technological advances.
Remember how tempered young men of ancient Sparta. Much attention has been paid in those distant times, when no one had heard of the scientific-technical revolution, Cybernetics, etc., physical perfection, active movement regime. Every Spartan from 8 to 20 years of age were special military-sports training. In Ancient Greece ignorant about the person it was customary to say, "He can neither swim nor read". Only after the conquest of Macedonia Greece, and then Rome physical education was noticeably behind the General educational Sciences.
Art education of harmoniously developed person consists in the fact that physical education was never behind the mental. Especially important it is in our time.
The current student large part of the day to spend on the absorption of many disciplines, without knowledge of which it was difficult to him in the waiting of his employment. Internalizes it these disciplines mostly sitting. The house also long sitting at the homework. And as he spends the evening? On the sports courts, which are in any neighborhood? Not always. The trouble was. Children most often sit in front of TV with adults and look in a row, all programs, and in the morning riding on the metro, bus, or being late to class student dad brought by car to school.
In these circumstances, how to be with training pumping function of the muscles, which can prevent a range of cardio-vascular diseases? Because congested heart alone surpass the blood for a long network of blood vessels, resulting in more often falls ill, it is developing heart dystrophy. In addition, stagnant blood, not timely pumped muscles, causes disease and other organs: liver, kidneys, lungs, gastrointestinal tract. Then the adults puzzled shrug, still a child, and already seriously ill, despite created him "good" conditions at home and in school. Don't understand what hypokinesia destructive, and first of all for the younger generation.