Children and school

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July 8, 1964 in "Pravda" published an article of A. Rudzinskas "national teacher". In the North-East of Lithuania in the small town "every day through the quiet streets keeps old school teacher. People remove before them the hat, escorted him a grateful look." And recently hosted a meeting of former graduates of the school with his mentor. "Adults who come from all corners of the Republic, sat at a small Desk that will come again Yunost", and the teacher asked them how they came to a great life, did you see in it a worthy place. And with each new answer brightened his face. Yes, good people grew his Pets.
School in the lives of children is a huge place, and for children who do not have true family, the first place belongs to it. At school the child should find maternal tenderness, attention to their first dreams and indulgence to his misdeeds. Especially carefully and should we care for the children, behavior and academic performance which violate the quiet life of the school. Such children are in every school, in every class. Their names are often mentioned in the Director's office, at the meeting of the pedagogical Council. They are rarely love and even more rarely understand. For many years I - doctor-neuropsychiatrist - not once had to deal with them. Monitoring confirms that the basis of "difficult" behavior and poor academic performance of children often lie defective health, special conditions of development, not noted and were not taken into account adults, and indifferent, a war against children in the family and at school.
Where now little Serezha, who had stopped going to school, having studied it for 6 months, and no punishment parents could not influence on the boy, while in school he went very willingly. In conversation with him, I found that the first lessons he had no time to do the job of a teacher and wrote bad and dirty, but staying at home, used to sit for homework (I saw these clean notebooks), but... at school the teacher stroked carefully written lines and put the two. "She didn't believe me that everything I write myself," said the boy, and his eyes would fill with tears.
Also greeted the seven-year school Yura. From the first days he got a deuce for what letters he stubbornly jumped over the line, many times he made the comments as he is unable was to sit quietly for 45 minutes, and once it even has put on the whole lesson into a corner. "The school is not love, love half, " he said childishly frankly.- Love for what is interesting talk, and don't like because comments all the time doing." And take a little while yet, and the boy is "not half, and most will cease to love the school, as parents with their attitude compound the mistakes of the teacher. "For deuces me daddy hits",- explained further their concerns boy. And my question: "What you are beaten? "replied: "Leather belt from the form. Strap from the form that so proudly wore once Yura!
From the first days it is necessary to try, that the child loved school, it is the pledge of success of training, and from the first days it is necessary to foster a culture of feelings in their life should not be the first lie, the first offence and for the first injustice. We cannot divide the children into "hard" and "easy".
"In class, we have three series: good, average and bad, " said eleven-year-old Kolya. About good number Alexandra promised soon to put a red flag, and bullies... Oh, with bullies very crushes, scolds them everything, says: parasites". Is it possible!?
Medical experience convinces that "difficult" become especially children, wrong adopted in the first grades. Often the only criterion for sending the child to school is seven years of age; but there are children who, for health reasons at the age of seven can not attend school. They lag behind in physical and mental development, easily depleted, can't concentrate even on easy task. These children even primitive are not oriented in time, I do not know your address, do not know the name and surname of the parents. They have no concept of number. "Hens have four legs, a cat has three legs". Poorly versed they are in paints: "On the trees blue sheets, I have pink eye, my mother yellow". Can't call Pets, birds, and often respond like this: "Of the animals I know parrots, ribov and flies".