Persistent habits baby

In early childhood world of a small child is very limited. Immature cerebral cortex prevent him reach around and it focuses on himself: he sucks finger touches the ears, nose, twirling her hair and sometimes touches his penis. With age, the child's attention switched to the surroundings and interest to your own body disappears, but not always completely. Sometimes under the influence of illness or psychic experiences these early habits resume and take stubborn character. Often neither punishment, neither threats nor incentives can not get rid of them children. I want to focus on just one of these habits - Masturbation, because its usually very worried parents. Study of the dynamics of the disease, as pointed out by Professor G. E. Sukharev in the book "Clinical lectures on psychiatry of childhood", showed that the first case of quite subdued inclinations", appearing in response to the situation (phimosis in boys, vulvovaginitis in girls, worm infestations, skin diseases, diseases of the urinary tract, failure to comply with hygiene requirements, sexual scenes from the life of adults, cynical conversations and so on). Masturbation occurs in children with weakened nervous system. Of great importance in the occurrence of this disease are the wrong upbringing, unnecessary stay in bed, severe trauma.
Serezha seven years. Grandmother complains that he bite his nails, collars and takes a mouthful. Recently died, the mother of Serezha, and he suffered a hard loss. Cried a lot, lay a long time without sleeping, in the bed. Physically boy weakened and are very mobile. Talking about yourself, he says that behave in school, it doesn't matter. About his obsessive habit to touch the sexual organs says frankly: "When I can't sleep, it always Tisau". Education Serezha were wrong. It was overloaded with unnecessary knowledge. My question is, what was he thinking when he can't fall asleep, the boy answered: "About politics... about spies, if they were... about kings different. What they were before the revolution? I know Ivan the terrible, Boris Godunov, Peter the Great. Boris Godunov decided, why on the throne of such spineless, and sent assassins". The boy does not go out. "I can't, and the father does not want to prefer to show him on television, "Dubrovsky," said grandmother. Grandma tried to beat Sergey but this is only worsened his condition, because it should have been treated and, of course, modify the education.
I would like to cite as an illustration, not as you want and how you want to treat these children, the letter sent to me from the farm Kamenskaya oblast woman who adopted the boy, and my answer. The woman wrote: "My son is a pupil of 14 years. He finished 7 classes. And it is my misfortune. For 2 years already, as he is engaged in Masturbation. As soon as I noticed it, I went to the doctor-pediatrician, the doctor advised to drink bromine and offered to bind overnight hands or wrap them... but it didn't help. Another advised to give a big load and sleep from 11 PM to 5 am, but it didn't help. The doctor-the doctor gave just - folk remedy - strongly to beat for it. But as he got, the improvement was not". Further, she said that the boy was on artificial feeding and had been ill, suffered chronic colitis, bronchodilator. At the age of 12 he knew that his own mother died in childbirth, and her father married a second time and never returned to the boy after the war. Cried a lot and without telling anyone, went to the father that his unkind met, as were the children from the other wives. In great distress, the boy returned to the adoptive mother (disease began in this period). In the end of the letter, the woman asks, doctor, it will remain for life with this disease? ...and can go crazy?"
His response letter which I quote in full, because it can serve as a response and other parents who apply to me with similar questions: "Dear Acting Century, first of all, leave Your worries and gloomy thoughts about the future of Your child. His painful condition,- and this, of course, illness is held with the right attitude to the boy and treatment. Also assure You that he is "not crazy"as You think. Of course, if this habit progresses, the nature of the child changes: it is closed, feel guilty and this habit distracts him from the childish fun, exhausting (to some extent) already weakened nervous system. What happened to Your son, and why he fell ill? Consider carefully all the stages of his little life. As she brought him grief, experiences and diseases, and pregnancy mother, and himself a generic act, ending for mother's death, and the period of his early childhood with artificial feeding, and endless illness - it was a traumatic experience for the child, weakened his nervous system. Of course, if further environmental conditions were good, he has outlived these painful features and be cured, but... he learns the truth about his past, seriously experiencing conflict with his father, and he has a morbid condition, about which You write. His attitude You have aggravated this painful condition. It was impossible to create around of a child such a tense mood, as it was with you. It is impossible to fix the attention on this, and, of course, cannot in any case (this is a terrible mistake) to bind him hand, to beat him, deprived of sleep." In these cases, you need to create a peaceful environment around the child, and to external stimuli aroused in the child positive emotions. It is necessary to fill the leisure time of the child interesting games, feasible tasks fascinating character: painting, music, sculpture. We must ensure that every child has a calm, organized childhood. Should do-medication under the guidance of a doctor, and restorative procedures. Fresh air, good food, quiet night, the day, sports activities, pioneer organization, clubs, resorts, pioneer camp is to list all the possibilities that we have! It is necessary only to be able and want to see them.