Girls and boys

Important in the education of a teenage boy and a question about his ability to choose other girl. Often boys prefer girls, beautiful in appearance, more elegant, eager to seem older. Sometimes they dream of older girls who had already crossed the threshold of childhood that do not neglect the long courtship, and in General childishly naive teenagers.
The lack of a correct view on friendship, inability to choose other, non-critical, unwillingness to consider the advice of their parents, to seem independent and adults - all this leads teen errors, sometimes severe and irreparable.
There are cases when fourteen, fifteen year old adolescents was acquainted with random girls and made them into an intimate relationship, ill heavy venereal diseases and thus became sufferers in anything and anyone not believing people. And some, due to the exacerbation of feelings and experiences of this age, he even tried to commit suicide. In this regard, raising a teenage boy is not easier education of girls.
Try to arrange the education so that your son could not stand the emotional trauma associated with unsuccessful choice of another, that in his communication with peers was more chaste purity, adoration, to his relationship with you was more sincerity, trust, warmth. And then his future will be truly wonderful. And you will be happy that taught him right to live, the right to communicate, nicely to love and to build a family. Isn't this noble is your duty as educators future fathers and mothers?
Teens - boys and girls are brought up in the same conditions, they imposed equal educational requirements. Therefore, despite some originality manifestation of the peculiarities of their gender, in the approach to them, influences and to them, in organizing their lives in the family, it is desirable to consider the overall pedagogical demands on the individual.
Regardless of difficulties pores of adolescence, it is necessary to take care of a reasonable organization of life of boys and girls in the family, about the regime of work, rest, sleep, food. These elements constitute a common mode of life, are the basis of moral behavior of children.
An important element of the General regime is labour - educational, business, work at home for self-service. This work should be joint in those families where there are both boys and girls.
N. K. Krupskaya attached great importance is the joint work of children of different sex. She stressed that families should not be a division of labour to "male" and "female", children alike can work together to deal with domestic labour.
Only in that case will be installed the correct relationships between the sexes, when childhood children will get used to respect any work.
Of great importance for the proper education of boys and girls has sex education.
Adolescents need to talk about friendship and about the first love, and about the girl's honor, and many sacred. To speak confidentially, heart, without jeers, without konkretisierung and associated parsing known facts, without illustrate examples from the lives of the children.
Spend about this conversation with the guys should the teacher. Parents can also conduct with children talk about honor, dignity, respect, beauty and decency in relations between the sexes. The mother should tell her daughter about sexual health in connection with the coming of the girl's puberty, to protect her maiden honor, do not spray feelings, to be strong and stand in relations with boys, vigilant in random acquaintances.
Father can successfully to talk with teenage son about changes in puberty in his body, about the signs of these changes - wet dreams, break down of voice and other. It is important to convince the boy in the need for education sex control, high culture of communication with the girls, culture feelings for his beloved, etc.
It is important to distract them from intimate experience, specifying it in the sports section, in the circle, taking a camping trip in the labour camp, etc., Adolescents show great interest to the scientific knowledge of reality, enthusiastically read popular-scientific literature on various issues, test their strength and abilities in various kinds of inventions, build model cars, walking excavators, ships, aircraft, spacecraft. During these years blossom natural inclinations adolescents who develop their skills in different kinds of Amateur art activities. Some of them passionately fond of public Affairs, develop their abilities in organization of groups and management. All of these various Hobbies should be encouraged. Such a distraction will balance the physical and spiritual needs of adolescents, will make them more calm and restrained.