In adolescent girls, developing several earlier than their peers boys, in this period it is important to cultivate modesty, dignity, high exactingness and friends-boys. Given their early awakening femininity, preferably in time to stop the development aspirations is not a measure of a lot to pay attention to their appearance, bright dresses. You need to keep a watchful eye on how dresses as talks like sitting dancing your daughter. And, of course, as it relates to the friends-boys - too easy: podrujit and cease or too seriously: no lessons, no other activities in the head don't go dressed up, running into the street, hoping to meet him.
In this age, when the first signs of a maturing, menstruation begins, it is important to prepare the girl for personal hygiene, to explain to her the need to be not so elegant as clean, neat, and attractive.
Often the girls of this age, there are signs of laziness: lost typical of younger children in the energy activity. They are replaced by the thoughtfulness, coquetry, passion and admiration of him. In this regard it is very important to attract teenage girl domestic work, to teach her how to be charming and the skillful housewife, decoration family.
We must try to save the girl from the roughness, sharpness in circulation with loved ones and strangers. It is necessary to explain to her that the true beauty of a woman is her charm, representing the harmony of external and internal qualities. In addition, it is necessary to explain to the girl and her special role in the family as a legislator future shop family life, comfort, happiness and well-being.
You should suppress appears in girls at this age the desire to gossip about my friends, about boys, about courtship "so-and-so for that." Such conversations are harbingers of the habit of gossip. Teach daughter to restrain myself from rudeness, hypocrisy, gossip, and so on, Tell her that all the good it will be in the future if it today will try to be a worthy man.
The girl-teenager should be inherent maiden pride, the desire to protect his honor. It was the girl, coming into friendship with the boy, was supposed to "set the tone" this friendship, making it the beauty of a child's affection, immediacy and charm. From it largely depends on the behavior of a boy of the same age, his attitude to it. Teenage girls in
most cases, responsive, kind and cordial. These qualities they can flourish and in fellowship, combining them with rigor, severity, chastity.
Being fond of young men, young girls are often very worried his clumsiness, awkwardness, angularity, particularly affected are not beautiful. In the press a few Years ago, has published a letter teenage girl Irina Kazakova. She lived in good, rich, cultured family, all she had, it seems, for happiness. But that's one of her distressed - quite ordinary appearance. "Me and the boys don't really like," wrote the Ira. Put her somehow with the boy, and he began to kick her, saying, "You're going to pollute me with her freckles!". How not to Suffer, when you know beforehand that nobody never gonna fall in love? Even more painful was the fact that the Ira was going to become an actress, but who will take this? it was her opinion.
At that time the letter Ira received many responses. Adults wrote about the wrong girl's look at people, at life, for beauty. Especially warmly replied the girl, a national artist of the USSR C. O. Toporkov. He convinced her that the real beauty is the beauty of the human soul, it is the overall charm of personality, and artists are often not outwardly unattractive people, if they are able, if they truly love the theater.
It seems that not one of the Ira's raining tears about his freckles. But we hope that the Ira at the time understood and understand others!), what real happiness, and now, as, obviously, adult, with a smile, remembering her teenage experiences.
If the girl underestimates itself is bad. But even worse, if it overestimates himself. In this regard, try not to tell a girl that she is beautiful that it will have a lot of fans that awaits her happy future. After all, if your wishes are not fulfilled, if your daughter's life will be difficult and not very good, " she would say that to you, your bitter words of rebuke.