Virginity and signs of the former intercourse

Physical virginity is characterized by the presence of an intact hymen. The establishment of virginity and signs of copulation is of considerable importance to the examination of the disputed genital States in the investigation of the majority of sex crimes (rape, sexual intercourse with a person below the age of puberty, indecent assault), and crimes against personal dignity (insults, slander). Borders hymen serve scaphoid fossa, vaginal wall at the entrance and the outer opening of the urethra. Maidenhead is duplicatura mucous membrane vagina, including connective tissue and muscle fibers, vessels and nerves. In hymen distinguish between the base and the free edge, facing into the lumen of the vagina, and forming a hole Maidenhead.
Form hymen extremely diverse; there are variations its three characteristic features - the shape of the surface roughness of the free edge and number of holes.

Fig. 91. Hymen (a - d).
diplomirovannyj hymen
Fig. 92. Diplomirovannyj hymen.

The prevalence of a certain variable and determines appropriate terminology (Fig. 91).
Annular Maidenhead has the form of a ring with a hole round or oval. Its width (the distance from the base to the free edge) may be different. Such hymen is usually thin, flexible, easily extendable, and sometimes and fleshy. This kind of Maidenhead occurs most frequently. Semilunar Maidenhead in the lower their half has more fabric, flattened, and the hole is located at the top - Maidenhead in the form of a Crescent. Keel Maidenhead has strongly developed fleshy, protruding forward the lower part, the upper part is dramatically smooth, making Maidenhead has shaped fin. When husovianas Plehve, the upper and lower segments low that creates similarities with third pair labia. Blocked Maidenhead has two holes in the oval form, and in the presence of a large number of small holes is called a lattice. Occasionally hymen without hole - sarashina, or nepovolena, Maidenhead. Congenital absence of hymen occurs extremely rarely; in this case, there is not no, but only a special form low folds of mucous membrane - valikoobraznye Maidenhead. The free edge of the hymen can be not only flat, but fringed patchwork, spiral, gear, etc. Here and the corresponding names of patchwork, fringed Maidenhead and other
Violation of anatomical intact hymen (defloration) may be in the form breaks or tears. These injuries occur, usually as a result of pressure and stretching with the introduction of the head of the penis in a hole Maidenhead, when committing indecent assault, occasionally with injuries in the genital area. Breaks with intercourse may occur in different parts of Maidenhead, but most often in the lower segment (Fig. 92).
At break hymen observed bleeding, bruising, swelling edges. The duration of healing gap depends on the form and nature of the hymen and individual peculiarities of the organism. The gap fleshy Maidenhead heals more long, than fine. If the gap is distributed on a wall of the vagina, the healing period is increased.
On average, in the first 2-3 days edge of the gap bleeding, covered with folds of blood at the entrance to the vagina visible blood or blood traces on the edges of the gap, the mucous membrane of red, swollen. On the 3-5th day the swelling decreases and edges are covered with a whitish tinge. To 5-8 th day inflammation significantly reduced and edges are covered by granulation tissue.
During their first sexual intercourse along torn hymen can cause abrasions and bruises, located at the entrance of the vagina and on the walls. Bruises usually dark red in color. 3-6-th day in the resorption they pale, and to 7-8-th day disappear.
The hymen breaks usually 12-20 th day away and no evidence of inflammation. After their healing exact establishment of limitation breach of Maidenhead becomes impossible. Scars areformed on the edge of tears, sometimes so subtle that breaks resemble natural indentations, but the latter are localized arbitrarily, breaks are concentrated mainly in the lower segments. The edge of the natural hollows have thickness, color and texture, the same with the rest of virgin plavai, and unlike breaks rarely reach the vaginal walls and gradually merge into each other. Edge of tears (tears) in the bottom usually form an acute angle.
Childbirth intact areas hymen broken and it has the form of a conic and warty formations, the so-called mircovich buds.
A study of the sexual organs and hymen is produced in the normal position of women on the gynecological chair in natural light. For inspection of Maidenhead should be big and index fingers of both hands to grab and pull anterior upward skin subcutaneous fat at the base of the labia majora. Using this method, set the location hymen (deep or surface), height, thickness, properties of the free edge, the presence of natural hollows, breaks, scar thickening and other sizing holes, its shape and elasticity of Maidenhead is of great importance when deciding on the possibility of sexual intercourse without defloration. Maidenhead virgins elastic and with a gentle introduction to the tip of his finger in her hole felt the inclusion of its so - called ring of Tzimtzum that when multiple sexual intercourses, not accompanied by defloration, may be missing. No rings reductions along with other characteristics (sluggish Maidenhead low rough edge) allows to make an assumption about the possibility of sexual intercourse without defloration. The ring of muscles of the vagina can be expressed and after defloration (long break in sexual life, vaginismus). The indirect signs of virginity can be elasticity of large genital lips, floor of their labia minora, narrow entrance of the vagina and significantly expressed folding vaginal walls.
Although the integrity of the hymen is a hallmark of sexual inviolability, violating her - not absolutely indisputable sign of the former sexual intercourse, as it is impossible to avoid damage her fingers, with a careless medical procedures and other conditions. It should be borne in mind that when knowingly committed complete sexual intercourse defloration may not be due to the specific structure of Maidenhead (for example, at low tensile ring Plehve). There is no violation of intact hymen also during intercourse taking place on the eve of the vagina.
Proof of sexual intercourse is the presence in the vagina semen; it is subject to confiscation and direction of laboratory research. To detect the presence of semen (sperm) thin probe is mounted on the end of a small amount of sterile gauze or platinum loop of the posterior and lateral arches of the vagina, as well as of external OS of uterus take the contents and put on sterile glass slides. Strokes dried at room temperature and each glass separately wrapped in a white paper with the inscription, from whom and when taken for the study. In all cases, you must determine group membership sperm. After intercourse, the sperm are stored in the vagina during 3-5 days.
One of the related evidence former intercourse can be sexually transmitted disease, incurred directly in connection with sexual intercourse. However, it must not be possible uneprowa infection. Reliable sign of a former sex is pregnancy.