Sanitizer - average health worker, the executor of works on disinfection, disinsection and deratization. Training of disinfection is carried out at 5-months courses organised during the disinfection institutions and the epidemiological stations. Sanitizer should know the methods of preparation, disinfection means, to know the dosage and method of use, rules of the reference with pesticides and their storage. Sanitizer should be able to produce degassing of work, to use small Disapparate, hidraulicni, nozzles. The position of the sanitizer provided in the States of epidemiological stations, disinfection, of medical-preventive and other medical institutions. The work of the disinfectant belongs to the category of works of high harmfulness. Desinfection are 15% surcharge to the official salary by 6-hour working day (the statement of the Chief sanitary-epidemiological control of the Ministry of health of the USSR from December 17, 1947).