Disinsection - the destruction of arthropods (fleas, lice, flies, bugs, ticks, moths and other), harmful to humans, animals, food and S. agricultural products, furniture, etc., Disinsection measures are divided into the medical, veterinary and agriculture.
Medical measures consist of extermination of insects and mites, which is the vector or reservoir of some infections, as well as hindering the work and rest of people. Medical disinsection measures are divided into preventive and fighter.
Preventive measures include the observance of rules of personal hygiene, as well as sanitary and sanitary rules aimed at creating the conditions detrimental to the existence and reproduction of insects. For example, a regular body wash and change of underwear and bed linen are the main measures to prevent rampant.
Systematic cleaning of premises, timely patching cracks in walls, floors, along enter heating pipes, etc., and cleanliness in the kitchen premises (shelter, food, destruction of food waste) prevents the propagation of bedbugs, cockroaches and red house ants. Keep clean public restroom, the territory of the yards, premises for cattle, as well as the systematic removal of manure and waste creates unfavorable conditions for the development of the flies.
Curative actions aimed at the destruction of arthropods at all stages of their development mechanical, physical, biological and chemical methods.
The mechanical method of pest control is based on the use of various mechanical methods and means of combat insects: tapping, shaking off, remove dust and debris using brushes, vacuum cleaners, and others; in the fight against flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, mosquitoes) zaseivajut Windows and doors; to catch flies using sticky paper and various flycatchers; use of traps for cockroaches.
Has not lost the value of the physical method of disinsection. So, for delousing use hot air chamber, the hot iron. Against bugs and cockroaches use boiling water, hot air, and fire (blowtorch).
The biological method of pest control is not significant. The exception is the use of gambuzii (see) to kill the larvae of the malaria mosquito.
When chemical methods of disinsection are various poisons. Depending on the ways and methods of penetration of toxins in the body insects they are divided into contact, acting through the outer skin in contact with them; intestinal that enters into the body with food, and fumigants, penetrating in the form of gas or vapour through the respiratory tract. Cm. also Dezinficiruyusch funds.