Getinstruction (sanitizer-instructor) - average health worker, whose responsibilities include the administration attached to disinfection and control over the quality and effectiveness of their disinfection works.
The title of datenstrukturen can get persons with practical experience in disinfection case not less than 6 months. and education is not lower than 8 grades of high schoolwho have completed special courses on disinfection or ongoing courses of improvement and specialization of secondary health care workers. Improvement of getinstruction is on short-term seminars.
The work of datenstrukturen belongs to the category of works of high harmfulness. They are 15% surcharge to the official salary by 6-hour working day (the statement of the Chief sanitary-epidemiological control of the Ministry of health of the USSR from December 17, 1947). Getinstruction must produce all kinds of works for disinfection, disinsection, deratization and degassing know the methods of preparation of all disinfection means, to be able to use disinfection equipment, as well as to provide first aid in case of accidents and with the defeat of RC.