Diaphanosoma - radiography of light bulb sinusal nose, the eyeball. If diaphanosoma sinuses light from strong light bulbs, put in the mouth or put to the root of the nose at the inner corner of the socket, passing through the bones of the skull and paranasal sinus, gives a bright glow sinus under normal state. The pathological condition of the sinus area it seems to be darkened.

Diaphanosoma eyes

Diaphanosoma eyes is a research technique used to diagnose mainly intraocular tumors. The study is as follows. After a pre-anaesthetic eye of 0.5% solution dikaina to the sclera put the tip of diaphanosoma and gradually promote it on the sclera in all directions. In normal light rays do not face barriers inside the eye and the pupil seems observer red. If the path of light rays will be intraocular tumors, the corresponding section of the pupil or the entire pupil will be dark.