Diagnosis of gonorrhea

Typical for gonorrhea is the beginning of the disease after sexual intercourse, especially random.
Got on the mucous membrane of gonorrhea multiply very quickly, usually within the same day (1 to 5) there are both subjective and objective symptoms.
In some cases, symptoms of infection with gonorrhea appear late - 3-4 weeks. Finally, not so rare cases when gonorrhea asymptomatic, with such patients and discharge gonorrhea not always detected. However, this latent current gonorrhea suddenly can give outbreaks of infection with the emergence of typical for gonorrhea symptoms.
Very often the beginning of the disease is manifested by frequent and painful urination, if the infection gets into the urethra; it is equally characteristic for gonorrhea symptom are purulent discharge from the genitals. Often sluggish flowing gonorrhoea, acute during menstruation.
For chronic gonorrhea is characteristic of secondary infertility, most often caused by damage to the pipes.
The decisive proof of gonorrhea is finding gonokokkov in the discharge microscopic examination.
Before taking smear of urethral patient should not urinate for 2 hours urethral discharge is taken or globulinam probe or with a blunt spoon Volkmann. To do this, fingers bred labia, sterile cotton ball wipe the outer opening of the urethra and index finger of the right hand, put in the vagina, click on the rear wall of the urethra, squeeze a drop of excretion, which is put on a glass slide globulinam probe.
For taking a swab from the canal of the cervix vagina impose mirrors. Allocations are drawn from the rear of the set and from the cervical canal and in the same way prepare smears. If the discharge gonorrhea not detected, you need to repeat the survey during the month, and it is better to do in the early days. Menstrual blood gonorrhea sometimes washed away from a deeper divisions of the genital organs.
In the diagnosis of gonorrhea are also auxiliary laboratory methods, which include the reaction of rejection complement Board - Zhang and the Lisovskaya - Feigele. Also used the method of vaccinationists, based on the fact that under the influence of introduced gonococcal vaccine comes aggravation of local inflammatory processes with characteristic for gonorrhea symptoms.
The gonovaccine is entered in the mucous membrane of the vagina or cervix, sometimes intradermally or intramuscularly.
Reaction to the gonovaccine is expressed in oznoba, fever to 38o, in foci of infection (the urethra, vagina, cervix) appear swelling, redness, pus.
In suspicious cases for gonorrhea, when gonorrhea in the allocations are not detected, you can apply the method of provocation. Provocation is accomplished in different ways:
1) the alimentary Provocation - irritation of mucous membranes foods such as onions, radish, horseradish, or alcoholic beverage (beer);
2) chemical provocation is expected foci of infection (urethra, cervix and other) are lubricated or Lugol solution, or 1-2% solution of silver nitrate, then smears are examined;
3) mechanical provocation is putting on the cervix cap Kafka on 24 hours;
4) thermal provocation - hot douching 1,5-2 liters of water t 38-39 degrees.
With the same purpose can be applied diathermy and heating mud tampons.