Multilingual dialogues

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Miracles rentgenotechnika allow to remove kidney layers, selectively. The picture, however, loses definition, but does not accumulate the shade of the adjacent organs, and intestinal gas.
For rapid interpretation of radiographs, inform on them in the course of the operation or complex examination of invaluable importance connection rentgenotechnika with TV. Its appearance is the child of the technical progress required the creation of electron-optical Converter. It is ten times improves x-ray image that becomes visible on the TV screen. Equipment of operating x-ray television as if you had done surgeons clairvoyants, gave the opportunity to act with confidence in the spider web of blood vessels and nerves, hidden under impervious to the eye membrane of the skin.
Rentgenoterapii opened for inspection artery and vein of the kidneys, where, as already indicated, is the root cause of a number of defeats nephrons and the origins of the disease, covering the vessels of the whole body,- of arterial hypertension. To see the blood vessels delivering blood to the glomeruli and carrying her out, cleaned, brought into the tubules to the condition, in the General direction is to learn a lot about the future of this kidneys.
When the conversation was conducted in the language of functional tests, urologist gets eloquent information on what function infringed and to what extent. But it is also important composer to imagine where the region in which the kidneys fail, the nephrons, where they were Izraela the cavern, which pushed the swollen pelvis, which sprouted a tumor, how many squeezed venous stagnation - to witness the disaster area. Then you can plan organ-retaining operations, to cut not for deletion, but for the healing of reconstruction. Map of the bridgehead, which has lead the battle, biochemistry be can not. In such situations, a clear reply network reconnaissance - angiography, it consists in filling radiopaque substance directly vessels of the kidney. This provides greater clarity of the picture, and it reliably indicates what and where has happened in the parenchyma of the trouble. Proposed these studies are relatively long, for kidney arteries in 1929, for vein - in 1956, however, until the reign of x-ray television remained more of a concept than a reality: blindly, without information about fairway move to the bloodstream was too risky.
Her way and. to the aorta which goes renal artery, and the inferior Vena cava, which flow into the renal vein, the surgeon begins from vessels hips. Before, however, the aorta went through an incision in the back. Now prefer the more distant and more accessible route through the femoral artery. It introduced flexible metallic conduit, and through it, checking the screen x-ray television, to promote the aorta and the aortic catheter. When the tip of the catheter rises above the point where depart renal artery, it is administered radiopaque substance. It goes immediately into the arteries of the kidney, and because at the end of making a picture. Artery and its branches will be on it as on a palm. Then the contrast agent is filtered glomeruli, flows through the channel. This x-rays also can capture the same way as a partial admission to the trunk of Vienna and destruction across the pelvis in a bubble. About the way to execute and venography, but catheter promote the femoral vein in a hollow and bent beak it is injected directly into the renal vein.
No matter how informative information produced by x-rays, this is not the last word in the diagnostic Arsenal of urology and Nephrology. Next to the x-ray beam - it is near, and not instead of - work today tracers and ultrasound.
Labeled radioactive atoms play the role of a contrast agent, their signals are received with special sensors and recorded on paper. Delivers these tracers in the kidneys substance that they can quickly and without reserve to remove from the blood. Urologists and nephrologists was chosen for the position of the radioisotope Hepburn and neovitin, to the first type of radioactive iodine, the second - radioactive mercury. Enter radioisotopes as a radiopaque substance, intravenous needle. Dose is so insignificant that there is no reason to worry about radiation exposure. Sensors and recorders is paired with a recorder that transforms the signals of radioactivity into the language of graphics. Some devices are trained to draw curves, others to draw the contours of the body, to feather a relief.