Diet Elena Malysheva

Pluses of the diet, the basic rules of supply on a diet of Elena Malysheva

Competent, very interesting article, in easy language describes the basic errors of women who are struggling with excess weight. Given sensible and made free tips from Elena Malysheva. In the text there is no laudatory speeches for specific substances or methods. Look at the only real question is proper nutrition and the explanation that it is. The article will be very by the way, who really is going to find a new form! She inspires belief in yourself and focuses on the mistakes that are being made on a subconscious level. With this information, any person will be able to choose the correct strategy to achieve this goal, in this case is to remove the extra pounds.
Anyone who wants to be attractive, to be always in shape and to excite the opposite sex is simply must be familiar with the article.

All dietitians in a firm voice that the diet of Elena Malysheva is not a diet, but a common approach to the right and healthy diet. Using in practice the basic tips on nutrition Elena Malysheva you safely and only with the health benefits would drop extra pounds and get slim and graceful figure, and confidence.
Itself Elena Malysheva said repeatedly that it is likely to be overweight. When such inclination it looks great just using their power to the basic rules of his own diet.
Diet Elena Malysheva not complicated. One only has to learn to follow its principles and you will be not only beautiful and to look young, but thrive charmingly.
Here are the basic rules of the diet:
Rule # 1.
Not starve! If your body will be frightened by constant hunger strikes, it will start at any opportunity to do adipose reserves. Starvation diets usually end in a sharp gain weight because the body remember hungry days and tries to do its fat stores.
Rule # 2.
To eat frequently, but little by little. According free diet Elena Malysheva you should eat 5 times a day. You should have three main meals and two additional snack. Even if you used a lot and abundantly dining experience with this approach, you will not be difficult to follow this diet.
But to take food must also on the basic rules. Breakfast should be no later than 8 am. The best Breakfast, according diet Elena Malysheva is porridge, steamed with boiling water. And it is steamed and not welded.
Further, at 12 noon, should follow the dinner, which must include eggs, meat or poultry.
Dinner must be you, not later! 19 PM. Dinner should be light products - yogurt, vegetable or fruit salad.
Snack between meals can after Breakfast and between lunch and dinner. To eat, you can dry biscuits, dried fruit, fruit, or a Cup of yogurt.
Rule # 3.
Learn how to count calories. Ordinary people should consume a minimum of 1200 kcal. If you lead an active lifestyle or hard work, this figure should be higher. It is best if you will help to calculate the optimal number of required calories. This can make a nutritionist or a coach.
Rule # 4.
Autosuggestion. Learn to communicate with your body when you eat the food. Try gently to tell him that you feed him that you love him. Eaten with love food will go up, not to secede as superfluous kg
According diet Elena Malysheva enough to follow the proposed rules about 4 weeks and your normal weight. This diet many doctors advise to make way or lifestyle. Diet Elena Malysheva checked many women and consider it to be a simple, healthy and very effective!