The French diet Dr. Pierre Dukan diet

The method of losing weight from Pierre Dukan diet (French)diet.

World-renowned nutritionist Pierre Dukan released his book, which is called "I don't know how to lose weight". This book quickly became a bestseller among people who want quick and easy to lose weight.
Diet, developed Ducanam, recommends eating foods rich in proteins and to reduce the specific content of carbohydrates and fats. This will help to launch a mechanism of active burning of fat - ketosis, and the result is weight reduction.
In addition to weight loss, protein diet helps fight cellulite, which makes it attractive for-known media personalities who are used to carefully monitor the figure.
The French diet is divided into four phases: "the attack, "cruise" and "stabilization", and the third stage must become a principle of life.
Need this for the perfect result for you became a permanent, not a momentary effect. The duration of each phase depends on the initial body mass and weight, which you want to achieve. It is important to know that during all cycles of diet you should drink a few liters of water per day, to do exercises, to include in the daily diet for up to two spoonfuls of cereal oatmeal, and if possible to constantly walk.
All weight loss using diet Dukan diet claim that already in the first phase weight quickly reduced, which is a great motivation for further work. Another fact in favour of a French diet - food consumed exclusively useful products.
The power supply system, developed by Pierre Ducanam, easy to use and will not harm you.

Nutritionists called the Dukan diet the most harmful

This article contains a description of the Dukan diet diet, as well as information on the findings of the British dietetic Association regarding this diet.

The British dietetic Association called one of the most popular and famous diets - the Dukan diet the worst among the celebrities in 2011. This diet is very popular among the stars. Diet Dukan diet adhere Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Catherine Middleton, Kate Middleton, Katherine Jenkins and even the wife of Prince William.
This diet was developed in France nutritionist Pierre Ducanam. She is in a special mode power supply, which provides for a meal rich in protein meat and fish and restriction of carbohydrate intake. This diet consists of 4 stages.
At the initial stage it is permitted to eat meat, but only lean, eggs, fish and low-fat dairy products. 10 days later allowed to add to the diet of vegetables, then you can move on bread and fruit. At the final 4th stage allowed to return to their normal diet. Thus, the Dukan diet allows you to eat almost anything that makes it acceptable for many people wanting to fight with excess weight.
What is not liked in this diet nutritionists?
The statement of the Association focuses on the fact that this diet deprives a person of several important food groups, to exclude from the diet are not recommended! Moreover, the effectiveness of diet Dukan diet is not confirmed by any serious scientific research, and its full effect is achieved only at the expense of the control of protein and restriction of calorie intake.