Diet subtlety from Tatiana Malakhov

General principles diet Tatiana Malakhov

Weight loss system known nutritionist Tatiana Malakhov "slim" is based on the principles of thermodynamics and thermal engineering. Many of those who sit on various diets, unconsciously begin to overeat allowed and useful products. On a background of reduction of the daily diet is reduced and the amount of energy supplied to the organism with food. If the person does not have time to spend these energy reserves, it begins to be transformed into fat. To get rid of them, Tatiana Malakhova in its author's technique "slim" proposes to create in the body negative balance and the right choice of edible products.

The basis of weight loss program consists of easy rules that are followed in almost every diet. First - motivation. You need to realize your goals and expectations. So it will be easier to completely change the habitual diet. Don't forget that when you lose weight, you will not only shed extra pounds, but become healthier and more attractive.

Following the principle of diet - refusal snacking 3-4 hours before bedtime. Thus, your dinner should consist of light products. On this basis, tune in to what the meal in the evening will be severely restricted. For this you will need to collect all his strength of will, because to give up habits hearty dinner is not easy. Until then, until you reconfigure your body at this mode, the caloric content of the food that you consume during the day do not reduce.

Diet Tatiana Malakhov is quite low calorie weight loss system in combination with the basics of a separate power supply. Basic products diets are yogurt or low-fat yogurt, cheese, vegetables, unsweetened fruit. Such products are easily combined, they can quickly enough, even though they are low in calories. Vegetable salads dressed only with lemon juice, sauce with vegetable oil is excluded. Basic products are used or in the afternoon or evening. Bread and cereals can eat only during Breakfast, i.e. once a day. Protein meals should be presented in the menu, lean fish and lean meat. Valid combination menu "fat protein plus" is mackerel and trout, cooked without oil.

The caloric value of your daily diet should be not more than 1,300 calories. Such caloric prescribed only for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. For those who can't imagine my life without sport, caloric value can be increased.