Soup for the South beach diet

What's the soup can be eaten at each of the stages of the diet the South beach?

Depending on what part of the soup, he may be either useful or harmful for those who keep to a diet the South beach program for weight loss, which in the diet can enter only those fats and carbohydrates, which are considered "good". If added to the soup pasta from white flour or potatoes, this soup for the South beach diet does not work, since it allows only carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. But if the soup prepared from those products, which are allowed by the diet (the list will depend on what stage of the diet you currently are), nothing prevents you to enjoy this soup.

Soup for the first phase of the diet.

The first two weeks of the diet, which constitute the first stage of permitted products are strictly limited. So suitable for diet soup can you not like it. If you prefer a thick soups with lots of different vegetables or beans, perhaps it is better to wait until the second phase. At this stage to make soup you can take a chicken breast without skin or chicken broth, lean beef or beef broth, soybeans, black beans, green beans, cabbage, celery, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and tomatoes.

For example, you can cook chicken soup, consisting only of chicken, chicken broth and celery. Or tomato soup, tomato puree, Basil and, optionally, a tablespoons low-fat cream.

Soup for the second phase of the diet.

The second phase lasts until, until you reach the intended result in weight. Here you have a greater choice of ingredients for the soup. Now you can add the pasta from whole wheat flour, whole grain rice, pearl barley, beans and green beans.

Soup for the final stage of the diet.

When on the diet the South beach you have reached your desired weight, can in their dishes to add and Smoking earlier vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. But remember that there are these products can only in a limited number, not to gain lost weight again.

A warning.

How tasty and nourishing food, soup will be a great addition to any diet, as it usually contains a lot of nutrients, low in fat and rich enough fiber products. But you must be careful, as the soup is often salty, especially if you're ready to buy canned soup. Excessive salt intake can even cause weight gain, because salt does not allow water to be excreted from the body.

If you have decided not homemade soup, canned, check the ingredient list to find out the amount of sodium. Buy soups with low sodium content. Do not buy those in which sodium more than 140 mg per serving of soup. The study of the list of ingredients will help you avoid soups with products that are prohibited during the first and second phase of the diet.