Differential diagnosis

No one symptom of allergies to cow's milk, which could be considered pathognomonic for this disease. Similar clinical manifestations may be various acute or chronic diseases. The erroneous diagnosis of Allergy to cow's milk is fraught primarily a risk to miss any more serious disease. In the framework of this book it is impossible to describe in detail the differential diagnosis of all allergies to milk, so we will restrict ourselves only to the most important conditions to keep in mind when Troubleshooting, including the defeat of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system and skin.
For diagnosis of Allergy, along with a thorough history and examination, the patient is very important and laboratory examination. It is also necessary to emphasize, that in case of Allergy to milk cannot be postponed its exclusion from the diet; the measure should be taken prior to completion of a full examination of the patient. Among other things, improving the condition of patients undergoing milk-free diet, allows avoidance of a number of diagnostic procedures.