Dishormonal tumors

A number of tumors can cause the imbalance of hormones, in particular with the introduction into an organism of a large number gormonalnogo drugs. Thus, a long introduction in the body of a large number of hormones oestrogen causes breast cancer not only in females, but in male mice, multiple fibroids in Guinea pigs, cancer of the womb in rats, O. kidneys in male hamsters, O. testicles in mice and rats and other Alternate introduction estrogenic and androgenic drug causes cancer of the seminal vesicles in mice. Significant changes in the body, causing tumors can be caused not only by the introduction of hormones from the outside, but a violation of their relations, to which the results of radiation or the corresponding transplantation of endocrine organs. So, for example, total body irradiation of mice or rats of x-rays in a dose of about 400 R leads to the development granulation, lokalitach and mixed O. ovaries. Castration female mice or rats with transplantation of ovarian tissue in the spleen leads to the development here of the same tumor. This is because the generated transplanted ovary estrogenic substances directly come from the spleen to the liver, where they are destroyed, and uncorrelated gonadotropic activity of the pituitary induces the growth of ovarian transplant and spleen. Dishormonal O. you can call and in the thyroid gland as a result of long-term administration of 6-thiuragyl or prolonged iodine deficiency.
Many tumors people have, no doubt, dishormonal origin. Such, for example, breast and prostate cancer, cancer of the uterus, myoma of the uterus, a number of O. ovaries. Some of the latter are gormonalnozawisimae. With tumors of the prostate and mammary glands effective hormone therapy.
Thus, dishormonal O. succeed not only in experimental conditions, but are also observed in human pathology. These tumors are some differences, which have an important fundamental importance. For example, when they occur, and the development of inflammation, as a rule, no. The pace of development dishormonal Acting, at least in the experiment, usually slower than Acting, caused by chemical carcinogens. Although dishormonal O. pass the same stages of development as other induced tumors, the timing of pretumorous and tumorous changes here longer. Dishormonal tumor relatively often and for a long time remain benign. However, they malignities, give metastases, perebivaetsya on other animals. To succeed, such inoculation often need the same hormonal effects, what it took to get primary O. This dependence development and growth Acting from a certain hormonal effects as a vivid proof that the autonomy of malignant O. occurs immediately, but only in the result of a long process of strengthening of malignization ("progression" O.).