Disinfection station

Disinfection station - sanitary-and-epidemiological institution, which carries out the organization and carrying out of all kinds of disinfection measures in the city. Disinfection stations are created in large cities and industrial centers. In settlements where there is no disinfection stations, there disinfection departments of city of epidemiological stations and disinfection departments in the district epidemiological stations.
City disinfection station consists of the following structural subdivisions: Department of evacuation and focal disinfection with the control group current disinfection; Department of chamber disinfection and sanitary treatment; Department of preventive disinfection with laboratory manufacturing rodent baits; laboratories performing bacteriological, chemical and entomological research, Laundry service and other
The main functions of the disinfection stations are: hospitalization of patients with infectious diseases in medical institutions; operational accounting and the use of beds for patients with infectious diseases; final disinfection in the centers in a number of infectious diseases; chamber disinfection of things, disinfection and washing of the epidemic foci; sanitary treatment of persons who come into contact with infectious patients; laboratory control of all kinds of disinfection works. Department of preventive disinfection (self-supporting) conducts deratization, disinsection, preventive disinfection under contracts with institutions, organizations and at the request of the population. Disinfection station is methodical and Advisory centre for the disinfection business and sterilization; in addition, disinfection station are preparing appropriate medical staff.
In disinfection station of the big volume of work does nurses: wreckers, managers, instructors-dezinfektory, dezinfektory, laboratory assistants. The duty towing includes hospitalization of patients with infectious diseases in hospitals. Instructor-disinfector organizes the work of disinfection. Sanitizer conducts the final disinfection in the centers of preventive disinfection, disinsection, deratization and other works on the cameras of different systems. Laboratory assistants work in bacteriological laboratories and laboratories for the preparation of rodent baits.