The dispensary

Dispensary - specialized medical institutions rendering treatment-and-prophylactic assistance to certain groups of population, in the dispensary. There are anti-TB dispensaries, skin and venereal diseases, cancer, neurological, medical exercises, cardiology, and other trahaetsya
In addition clinics, outpatient method in Russia are all medical institutions (see clinical examination). In clinics there are special rooms, in which dispensary method are methods of tuberculosis, skin and venereal, cancer, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases.
The clinic carries out the organizational-methodical activity, based on a systematic study of the morbidity of the population, corresponding to the profile of his work, and the development of measures to combat these diseases.
Structure of clinic provides presence of the offices of the specialized outpatient reception, organizational-methodical departments (offices). In many hospitals are hospitals.
The structure of each clinic has its own specifics.
1. In TB clinic provides the following services: therapeutic, pediatric, laryngological, x-ray, bone tuberculosis, pneumothorax, physiotherapy, clinical-diagnostic laboratory, procedural. When major TB dispensaries there are night and day sanatoriums.
2. Oncology center has rooms of various clinical specialties, x-ray, rentgenoterapevticheskie, radiomonitoring, dressing, operating for taking biopsies, laboratory - clinical-diagnostic and histopathology.
3. Dermatovenerologic dispensary, in addition to classrooms, where the techniques of skin and venereal diseases has rentgenoterapevticheskie and mycological studies, clinical and serological diagnostic laboratory.
4. In the mental hospital has the following departments:
a) the medical-diagnostic Department, which has the offices of district psychiatric offices to combat alcoholism and drug addiction, treatment of disorders of speech, treatment, physiotherapy, clinical-diagnostic laboratory; b) Department of occupational therapy; C) the Department of employment; d) the Department neuropsihiatrica and prevention of mental health; e) Department of child and adolescent of Psychoneurology.
5. Medical exercises dispensary has medical control over physical education of adults, children and adolescents and cabinets of medical physical culture, x-ray and physiotherapy, functional diagnostics and electrocardiography, clinical-diagnostic laboratory.
The work of each center is constructed in the following areas: identification of appropriate patients, their strict accounting, dynamic monitoring, active treatment, health education, a systematic study of working conditions and life of persons under medical supervision, in order to eliminate factors that negatively influence on health.
The account of patients under medical supervision, produced by filling on each patient notices with newly diagnosed tuberculosis, venereal disease, trihofitii, microsporia and other skin diseases, trachoma, and cancer or other malignant neoplasms (record form # 281), as well as the control card (registration form № 30), at which point the diagnosis, visiting the sick doctor in due time and therapeutic measures: hospitalization, health resort treatment, etc.
In active case detection and bringing them to the treatment in the clinic very important role nurses. They monitor the timely appearance of patients to a doctor , in accordance with the established schedule, systematically examined living conditions of patients, conduct health education talk to them. Nurses help the doctor at the reception, perform a doctor in the clinic and the patients at home.

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