The distortion is stretching or partial tear of the ligament replacement surgery (often ankle and knee).
The distortion is due to a sudden and sharp movements in increased volume and unusual joint direction (for example, povertyline foot at the ankle joint , or the movement of the lower leg at the knee outwards). Distortion is sometimes accompanied by damage to the articular cartilage, muscle, joint capsule, etc. With multiple injuries of ligaments can develop dangling joint (see).
Damaged ankle ligaments occurs when a sharp supination (lead) or pronation (conversion) of the foot. The most severe form of distortion is accompanied by damage to many of the ligaments of the ankle joint and foot dislocation. Symptoms: oedema of periarticular tissues, smoothness of the outline of the joint, bleeding, pain and limitation of movement, pain upon palpation. Bone lesions are absent (necessary control radiography).
First aid: the cold, the imposition imobilizarea bandages (bus, poultices), elevation of extremities.
Treatment in the outpatient setting: fixing joint (up to 14 days) soft bandage, plaster Longuet or zinc-gelatin bandage. In dislocation - hospitalization with the purpose of reduction of dislocation.
Damage to the ligaments of the knee joint - see the Knee joint.