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Degeneration of myocardium by physical overload (DMPP)

Since the classic works of G. F. lang and his school is possible to consider that the functional state of myocardium is determined by a number of complex biochemical and physicochemical processes. Violation of these metabolic processes, i.e. the trophic attack, named G. F. lang degeneration of myocardium (1936). In this concept, he gathered all diseases of the heart muscle noninflammatory and coronary and non-coronary origin, which are based on the violation of metabolism and which were delineated prior to that, the various terms ("myocardiopathy, micardis", "idegenerate heart", "male heart" and so on).
The path that was the diagnosis of myocardial dystrophy" until full recognition was not easy, and the main objection was the lack of a clear objectively defined morphological changes in the heart muscle. Today, a large number of solid histochemical, Historisches, and electron microscopic studies, leaves no doubts about the existence of morphological substrate with myocardial degeneration. Suffice it to mention the work of I. L. Rappoport, S. S. Weil, D. S. Sarkisov and other authoritative pathologists.
G. F. lang, rightly arguing that "this category changes of the myocardium theoretically and practically important" included the diagnosis of myocardial dystrophy" in the classification of cardiovascular diseases, adopted by the XII all-Russian Congress of physicians in 1935 and a valid today.
I must say that the problem myocardial degeneration is of great importance not only in sports, but in General cardiology. First of all degeneration of myocardium in its broad sense underlies heart failure of any origin (when myocarditis, heart diseases, coronary atherosclerosis, and so on). In these cases, myocardial dystrophy is not an independent disease, and due to the main pathological process in the heart.
However, the degeneration of myocardium can be and independent disease, caused by various non cardiac causes. This degeneration in the narrow sense of the word arising from various diseases (diseases of the blood, endocrine, metabolic and others), human nutrition, acute and chronic physical strain, which is of special importance in sports medicine. It can be argued that the modern society is characterized by the increasing number of patients with not only the disease but also myocardiodystrophy [Paleev N. R. and others, 1982].
This section addresses only myocardial degeneration due to acute and chronic physical overstrain, i.e. dystrophy in the narrow sense, we are doing more than 30 years (our first work on this problem was published in 1960).
Currently, it is obvious that the degeneration of myocardium by physical overload may occur in completely healthy people not only physical, but also mental stress. The impact of emotional stress on the heart convincingly confirmed by C. C. Hoffmann et al. (1987), which was filmed tele-ECG in jumpers from a springboard (Fig. 11). Top ECG (a) charged before training, medium (b) -- immediately before the jump (see quickening heartbeat), the lower (in)- during the flight in the air. At last determined electric alternation, inversion of teeth, T, beats. These changes are caused by the acute nanodystopia infarction due to severe emotional stress.
C. Century Pavilionis et al. (1975) was shot ECG students of Vilnius University after 2 weeks of vacation (original ECG) and before exams. It turned out that 70 % of students ECG before the exam was pathological and normalized 2-3 hours after the exam. Essential neuro-emotional stress in the development of myocardial degeneration shown E. M. Sinelnikova (1972).