1 - pulsional; 2 - traction.

Diverticulum - highlighting wall hollow body (esophagus, bladder, bowel, less other hollow organs), congenital or generated on a loose plot against pressure from the inside (pulsional diverticulum) or collapsing scars outside (traction diverticulum) (Fig.). At first, small diverticulum stretched get stuck with it content (food, urine and other), then turns into a bag which is connected with clearance of authority.
Perepolnyali, diverticulum squeezes the body, breaking function: when diverticulum of the esophagus (see) - swallowing, when diverticulum of the bladder (see) - excretion, etc., Rotting stagnated in diverticulum content leads to its inflammation (diverticulitis), threatening ulceration, and perforation of the wall of the diverticulum, infection oral diverticulum or surrounding tissues.
Diverticulum often does not cause subjective disorders and can be detected by x-ray and endoscopic examinations; inspection and palpation is available only diverticulum of the cervical esophagus. Treatment diverticular - operation. Cm. also Meckel diverticulum.