From the diary Olga

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on may 18.
This morning he got up early and learned the exercises recommended by Anastasia. Did them with great difficulty, sweating and panting. Only now realized how ugly fat, began to feel every excess kilograms of weight. Hurt, hands, legs, felt weakness throughout the body, but this is only the beginning, then it became easier. Took a shower. I'll gradually every day cooling water. Not once, have warned Anastasia. Enrolled in group health in our area. Was amazed that people come there are the most different age and profession. One of the women told that due to the exercise got rid of serious disease-asthma, but man, it seems the name is Valery Vladimirovich, already not young, but very fit, slim, laughing, talking, about a pain in his legs gave him no peace, was threatened by disability. Helped him exercise, and how! Feels young, healthy, vigorous. Basically, most of them engaged for a long time, about three years. It's all fun, friendly, helpful people. It really helps them become permanent physical activity? How good it would add to these classes to Andrew... Yes, my dear Andrew. But for me, he lost I. it seems forever.
on 1 June.
Almost already two weeks working hard on yourself. Physical exercises in the morning, a short run. visiting health groups in the second half of the day. Weight decreased by 2 kilograms. In the morning for gymnastics takes not so much time, just half an hour. Andrew looks at my venture with obvious skepticism. Once mentioned that all this will hardly help my figure. But Sergey was also running in the morning. Son effect daughter Nastia - Alena. Do they really liked each other, that all this will take a very serious? Well, Alenka-beautiful girl, be very glad if it will eventually become my daughter and me. It has everything that you need a young woman. Beauty, brains, she is well educated, well able to control their emotions, tempered, not afraid of work, but in family life, especially women, its enough is enough. I think it will be all like her mother, who never lost the great superiority of smart is to be beautiful, firm, friendly to all. Probably, it and saves her youth and charm.
on June 16.
Yesterday, returning from a concert, met Andrei with this woman. I have long wanted to see her. Of course, it is to judge I can't do without partiality, objectively. However, had to admit that it is much more graceful me, apparently, is friends with exercise. Yes, I forgot, she teaches her in College. Beautiful, well-groomed. Whether Andrey happy with her? Possible.
In the shower with me after this meeting, as if all was lost. Will there be enough strength to continue the work on yourself. Physical training, running and everything... do I Need all this now? I still, despite everything, I love Andrew, because I can't love anyone else, so why do I need all this? Andrey for me lost. My God, I die...