Wonderful DNA helix

What would the world theatre day was the ensemble of our body, the time has on his inexorable impact. In any orchestra gradually worn out tools and older performers. Do not stand the test of time and our ensemble. How and why developing processes of ageing, we will discuss in more recent discussions of the book. Now take, alas, granted that we are all mortal. Every hour of life inevitably brings us closer to death. Remember the words of Engels: "to live is to die".
However, the nature could not allow such a long and carefully perfected her organisms disappeared from the face of the earth. So she took care not only about our body was sufficiently protected, but that, he passed away, he left those who will live after.
Bowed to the need to make organisms to multiply, nature reasonably have used it as a source of additional material for natural selection. As she did, as she is, figuratively speaking, killed two birds with one stone?
Some, mainly vegetable organisms and simplest single-celled creatures multiply the so-called same-sex way. Cell divides in two, in her body matured two subsidiary body; the plants are new shoots that are rooted and give birth to a new body. Tear off a piece from freshwater Hydra - from the Negro will grow a new inhabitant of the waters. However such way of survival was not satisfied with the nature, she made another, which had a principal advantages. In the process of reproduction of the nature is formed the ability to combine the properties of two organisms to posterity was richer than their parents. In the course of natural selection is more advantageous combinations will remain, and disadvantageous will die. However, soon the story is told, but not soon to do. Did that, presumably, many millions of years.
Got the great matter - of nucleic acids. One group of these substances, which, as we said, one of the vertices of biochemical evolution, namely the group of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), has assumed the role of a guardian and transmitter of hereditary information. Long before the discovery of DNA existed hypothetical concept of the gene carrier of hereditary properties. The chemical basis of genes and DNA is.
Under the electronic microscope, the DNA molecule has a peculiar appearance. It is a spirally twisted double thread. Between these two threads represents as if the basis of the stairs are like an endless number of steps, particles so-called nucleotides. There are only four: adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine. Following each other in various combinations, these steps provide an opportunity huge diversity of records of hereditary information.
Wonderful spiral DNA collected in the so-called chromosomes, each chromosome isresponsible for certain properties of the organism, we duplicated in this regard, we are talking about pairs of chromosomes. Therefore, each helix DNA that determines the characteristics of a group of proteins, and with them eventually some bodily or mental qualities, there are two copies - one from the father, the other from the mother. So the signs are hybrid: for example, the growth is from the father, eye color - from mother etc. All this much more difficult, but a detailed account of these the most interesting questions is given in special books. Our task is to understand the biological sense of connection of the traits of both parents. The natural selection in this case there are more opportunities to find a good combination of properties more lucrative for adaptation of organism to the conditions of life.
From this point of view, by the way, even better would be to combine two of the organism, and, say, 3 or 5. In one of the wonderful stories of science fiction Art. Lema just displayed a picture of life on some distant planet, where the new body can come to light only in the case if you are connected five floors. The main tragedy of this nation - the tragedy of the four"when you can't find the fifth. Of course, such a complicated way of procreation would have doomed creatures to extinction. Complicating, we must, so to speak, to know the measure.