Benign neoplasms of the colon

From benign tumors are usually more adenomatous polyps. They usually asymptomatic, and
the reason for x-ray studies is sudden intestinal bleeding.
X-ray picture of polyps is characterized by the fact that they represent a streamlined barium suspension solitary or multiple oval and round education, respectively creates the filling defects. Their favorite localization is the sigmoid colon, but frequent monitoring when polyps are spread throughout the colon, and then we can talk about polyposis. The polyps mostly small, and only in rare cases, the colon polyps reach of large magnitude. The form of their very diverse. They sit normally on the mucous membrane, often with a small foot. Low-set polyps should be cause for careful x-ray examinations and examination of the colon throughout it.
Best results for detecting polyps are obtained in the study of the relief of the mucous. Very good results are achieved when using double contrast study Fisher. When polyps are more clearly against the background gas, being surrounded by small amounts of barium suspension. In the case of polyposis is obtained spotted a honeycomb pattern mucosa that resembles the appearance of the Saga of grains (Fig. 119).

Fig. 119. Polyps of the colon (x-ray). Multiple rounded filling defects.