Invalides - state institution designed for permanent living lonely invalids of war and labour (groups 1 and 2), and elderly people in need of constant care and medical supervision. For children with congenital disabilities or neuropsychic disorders created a special children's homes. All people living in houses of the invalids are fully at state expense. Living in the homes of people with disabilities are involved in the feasible and labour relations (work on the farm, workshops and others)that pursues mainly therapeutic goal. All people living in houses of the invalids free of charge furnished dwelling (spouses single room), meals according to the established norms, bedding, clothes, shoes and everything necessary for life, as well as medical assistance are cultural service. In addition, the disabled of the soldiers are paid 25% of their pension (other pensioners - 10%). Invalides have accommodations at the rate of not less than 4 m2 living rooms, rooms for rest and rendering medical service, kitchen, dining room, insulator, health and education workshops.
The staff of the medical staff consists of assistant, senior nurses and 1-5 nurses (depending on the number of residents). In the States of the houses of persons with disabilities to 76 living and more there is a doctor's office. The duties of a nursing assistant (nurses) is providing medical care to persons with disabilities, prevention activities, supervision over the sanitary condition of the house of invalids.