Phantoms dosimetry

Phantoms dosimetry is the model of the body or on animals intended for measurement of absorbed dose of ionizing radiation.
Dosimetric phantoms are made of tissue-like materials by density and effective atomic number is close to the simulated biological tissue. Dosimetric phantoms can be in the form of simple geometric figures of one or a mixture of tissue-like substances, and in the form of simulated body with separate modelling of the internal organs. For example, to simulate a bone use natural skeleton, lung tissue model of gelatinous capsules or cellular rubber, parenchymatous organs from a mixture of paraffin with silica. In so manufactured dosimetry phantoms place the film, sensors ionization dosimeters or chemical dosimeters and expose them to radiation. The results of dosimetry (see) allows to judge about the distribution of the deep doses in the irradiated object.
Based on the obtained data are, for example, dosimetric tables that use in radiation therapy (see).