Douglas abscess

Douglas abscess is a collection of pus in dopasowa space, i.e. in the pocket peritoneal cavity in the pelvic area between the rectum and bladder (men) or uterus (women). One of the forms of local limited peritonitis (see). Most often occurs as a postoperative complication perforated appendicitis (see), but can develop at any purulent process in the abdominal cavity, especially if the operation failed to fully drain the cavity and small pelvis. Symptoms: pain in the rectum, increasing the temperature increases, especially in the evening, diarrhea. When finger rectal examination revealed a painful swelling of the front wall of the rectum, in the initial stages dense (infiltration), and then with the softening in the center.
Treatment - lancing of abscess through the rectum after the trial puncture. In the abscess cavity insert drainage, bringing him out through the anus. After the operation is prescribed tincture of opium to 7 drops 3 times a day for 2 days. Required daily change of bandages and monitoring of drainage that it provided a good outflow of pus. Women autopsy Douglas-abscess is produced through the vagina (see Colpotomy).