First aid

Aid - a complex of medical and preventive activities to the intervention of a doctor.
Conditionally aid can be divided into the assistance provided by paramedical personnel: nurse, midwife, nurse, and assistance to people without special medical training.
Medical institutions providing first aid, are medical health units in enterprises (see Health), obstetric, medical assistants and feldsher-midwifery posts (see). The decisive role in the provision of first aid at the industrial enterprises owned by the health units. However, not all health care workers can provide the necessary assistance in time. In this regard, of great importance for self - and mutual aid workers.
Pre-medical aid rendered by people without special medical training, is the use of simple materials at the scene (in the shop, in the street, at home) before arrival of the medical worker.
Training of the population to some methods of medical aid on special programs held in Russia for the red cross and red Crescent societies, as well as training courses in enterprises. These programs include training for the imposition of a tourniquet, a pressure bandage, pressing of large vessels, imposition of a simple dressing, production of artificial respiration, the imposition of tires fractures. Special attention should be paid to the practical demonstration of ways to provide first aid. The system of organization of self - and mutual assistance includes training in providing first medical aid on the conditions of production, creation of sanitary posts.
Sanitary posts for first aid in the shops are created from a number of well-trained workers; these posts are particularly needed on the shop areas remote from the health center. Sanitary post should be equipped with the necessary materials for first-aid - stretchers, private aseptic packages, cotton-gauze bandages, splints, tourniquet, iodine tincture, ammonia, Valerian tincture and others (see first aid Kits, Sanitary bags). It is important that everyone working shop was aware of the position of the medical post. Workers should be familiar with the rules of safety.
In rural areas work on organization and first aid conduct medical stations. During sowing and harvesting campaigns in each brigade organized sanitary posts; tractor and combine operators are provided with individual aseptic packages and are trained to use them. Along with training of agricultural workers and farmers in providing themselves and others, should acquaint them with the safety regulations of agricultural labour and the most frequent causes of injury. First aid in the army - see Health care in the military field conditions).