The Moldovan zmeegolov

zmeegolov MoldovanZmeegolov Moldovan - Dracocephalum L. moldavicum
The Family Labiatae - Lamiaceae Lindl.
Annual herbaceous plant. The stem is erect, chetyrehlistnyj, slightly pubescent, with a height of 60-80 cm, ramified in the upper part. The root is stalky, gently meandering along the length. The leaves are petiolate, collected in whorls, with the top side pubescent along the edge of the plate hardcoresanjaya. In each whorl (just 16-18) two small and two large piece of paper. The location of the flowers on stalks whorled. The period of vegetation varies from 147 to 164 days.
The plant is not afraid of spring frosts. It contains 0,4% essential oils used in cosmetics and food industry.
Zmeegolov Moldovan is a good honey plant. Widespread in Europe, Asia; in the USSR - in the European part, Western and Eastern Siberia, the far East, Central Asia.
Sister species contain flavonoids. In experiments tincture from overground parts lowers blood pressure.