Squad sanitary

Squad sanitary (DM) - moving the formation of the medical service of civil defense (MGO). Sanitary brigade created at the industrial enterprises, in institutions, in transport, in collective farms and state farms, educational institutions, heads of organizations and enterprises together with the primary organizations of the red cross and red Crescent societies.
In secondary schools, schools of professional training in higher and secondary special educational institutions of sanitary teams are created from the number of pupils of 9-10 grades, students of the first three courses. At industrial enterprises and institutions, on transport, in collective farms and state farms of the BOD are assembled from women aged from 16 to 55 years and men from 16 to 60 years.
Concerning staff in sanitary brigade included 23 people: management - commander of squad, the political Commissar, Svyaznoy (assistant Manager) and five links for 4 persons each; at the head of the links are commanders. By the decision of the headquarters DEFENSE in sanitary squad can unite 4-5 sanitary posts (for 4 persons each), created at the enterprise, in establishment, a collective farm, state farm, educational institution, etc., with the addition of the management group. If the object of the formation of several sanitation teams to centrally manage their work in areas of mass destruction wife unite in groups sanitation teams (MDA). In the state of detachment composed of 4 or 5 sanitation teams and the group management (the commander, the Deputy by a political and three communication). Sanitary brigade in the system of MGO used for rendering the first medical aid to the affected in the centers of mass destruction, to work in moving epidemic control units (PAO) on the implementation of sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic measures (HOMESTEAD rounds, identification of patients with temperature, distribution of prevention means, participation in carrying out disinfection and others). The composition of each peacekeeping operations (see a Squad of first aid) has two sanitary brigade. Teams work directly in the lesions and in the hospitals in MGO suburban areas. Training of vigilantes is carried out by program providing for the study of issues of rendering the first medical aid to affected and tactics for sanitation teams in various pockets of mass destruction. Sanitary brigade equipped by a particular report card at the expense of those institutions and enterprises on the basis of which they are created. Cm. also the Medical service of civil defense.