Shower massage

Shower-massage - treatment procedure, under which a patient massage under water shower.
Shower massage is General and local. For the shared shower-massage, which is exposed to the whole body, the patient is put on a special couch; above it is mounted horizontal vodonasosnaja pipe attached to the same distance 3-4 nets rain shower. When local shower-massage jet of water from a hose directed to a specific area of the body (limb, joint area and so on). Massaging hands under running water, the pressure is 0.5-1 at temperature 36-38 degrees. The water temperature can be gradually improved with the General soul-massage up to 40 degrees, local - to 42 degrees.
underwater shower-massageMore widespread underwater shower-massage, where massage is made without hands, and running water from a hose from a special apparatus (Fig.). The basis of the underwater shower-massage is thermal and mechanical irritation. Underwater shower-massage causes reddening of the skin, improves blood and lymph circulation, and thus the nutrition of tissues, stimulates metabolism and promotes more rapid resorption of inflammatory lesions. The hose is supplied with a set of nozzles allowing to allocate on a patient's body under the water jet, the required form and pressure. General and local underwater shower massage is carried out in a large tub or in a special pool with a water temperature of 35-37 degrees. After 5 minutes, the stay of the patient in the bath, slowly moving the end of the hose, limb massage jet of water at a pressure of up to 3-4 at, then the torso at a pressure of 1-1,5 at, except the region of the heart, Breasts and genitals. Underwater shower-massage is performed daily or every other day for 15-30 minutes a Course of treatment 15 to 20 procedures. The procedure is done by a nurse.
Indications: obesity, gout, consequences of injuries of musculoskeletal system, joints diseases of different etiology (except tuberculosis), muscles and tendons; consequences of injuries and diseases of peripheral nervous system, the residual phenomena after suffering polio; sluggish granulating varicose ulcers (without thrombophlebitis), etc.
Contraindications - General to hydrotherapy (see) and massage (see).