Shower chair

shower chair
Fig. 1. Shower chair
control panel shower chair
Fig. 2. Control panel shower chair: 1-3 and 8-10 - cranes to include showers; 4 - thermometers; 5 - valves to control the temperature in the mixers; 6 - cranes inclusion of struebig showers; 7 - the end of the discharge pipe; 11 - pressure gauges; 12 - hose struinogo soul: 13 - tip to get fan-shaped jets.

Shower chair (synonym hydropathic Department) - a device for switching to the medical showers of water a certain temperature and pressure. Shower chair - low rectangular enclosure (Fig. 1), inside of which is mounted system leading and lateral water pipes. Two leading pipes of cold water (from a water pipe) and hot (boiler room) enters the mixer regulating device which (a mixing valves or valves) displayed on the panel (remote) control (Fig. 2). In control panel, shower chair placed thermometers and manometers. Pipe from mixers bring water to the required temperature and pressure to the shower facilities, located at a distance from the shower room of the Department in the field observation of dushara. Water for struebig showers - Scottish and Charcot - served through flexible hoses, located above the control panel.
For the smooth operation of the shower chair necessarily the power it hot and cold water from a special routes that are not associated with other consumers. Pressure both cold and hot water in the faucets must be the same - not less than 2.5 at. If the water does not provide such pressure, use water tanks, pumps. In those cases, when the pressure of water in the supply system exceeds 7-8 at, it reduced by using gears. Shower chair is supplied with a set of shower facilities, which allow to carry out procedures hydrotherapy (see).