Showers (mobile) are intended for cleaning of people in the field and in places where there are no baths. Are mounted on vehicles, trailers separately or in combination with disinfection chamber. Collapsible showers are transported by any transport. Showers on the principle of action is divided into proletaria and hot water with direct current of water.
The equipment of shower facilities proseuchomai type consists of a steam boiler, hand pump, the injector, steam Elevator, boiler-battery, suction and pressure rubber-fabric hoses, one or two showers devices (6 grids each), accessories and spare parts, cabinets for their installation. In combined disinfection and shower installations mounted, in addition, one or two disinfection chamber (see).
Steam boiler provides the receiving pair are used for lifting, heating and water supply to showers grid. Hand pump is used for initial filling of the boiler water, and injector - for further replenishment of its warm water as it evaporation. To refill the boiler is used part of the warmed-up water entering showers grid.
Steam Elevator, or steam jet pump is intended to lift cold water from a river, lake, pond, and so on, her heating up to temperature 40-42 degrees and supply of hot water for showers grid. The steam supplied from the boiler, it follows from the nozzle of the Elevator with great speed and entrain air from the case of the Elevator and suction hoses. Water from the reservoir flows through inlet sleeve into the case of the Elevator. Here she enjoys in the diffuser, mingling with the steam. When mixed steam condenses and warms the water. The diffuser growth creates necessary pressure, causing the movement of water for shower hoses to the grids. Boiler-the battery is located behind the Elevator (downstream water), also allows us to quickly heat the water vapor to the required temperature, increases operation reliability of per capita device eliminates burns washable people (steam condenses and does not go through shower grid)allows the use of vapour to boil water for household needs.
Suction rubber-fabric hoses length is not less than 4 m, connected to the manual pump and steam Elevator, are used for lifting water. At the end they have the suction filter (mesh), protecting shower installation from ingress of mechanical impurities. Pressure hoses are used to supply heated water from the boiler-battery for shower devices. Shower device on 6 grids is a metal frame made from tubes on four legs. Showers grid otsenivaetsya when you need to clear them from the mud.
The principle of action proseuchomai shower installation is the following.
Hand pump to fill the boiler with water until mid vodorastvorimogo glass. Then ignite the fuel and raise steam pressure in the boiler to work (3-5 kg/cm2). Let pairs in the Elevator and boiler-battery and install using the jump valves and valve on the discharge of the water-supply the required water temperature (40-42 degrees), coming to the showers grid.

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