Physical activity is the demand of time

Comprehension, the interpretation of the public scientific experiments, sometimes the greatest discoveries - the path is long and difficult, especially in the past. Take the heliocentric world system N. Copernicus. More than 200 years of his book "On appeals of the celestial spheres" was under strict prohibition of the Inquisition.
Later the whole 2 centuries after the discovery of the theory of the rotation of the earth and other planets around the sun, U. Harvey discovered the circulation of the blood, proving that in the body of the animal same amount of blood is in constant motion a vicious circle in the pressure generated by contractions of the heart. But the book of Harvey "Anatomical study of the movement of the heart and blood in animals caused a storm of violent attacks from the academic world of that time.
What would be the hard way not to have to overcome the scientific truth, she wins, asserting itself. Science is gradually reaches new heights, sweeping away the old attitudes and beliefs, opens up many more unknown mysteries of nature, the living... once seemingly unattainable and seditious star dream To E. Tsiolkovsky was realized in our days. People conquer space.
Was further developed and the doctrine of the circulation. It turned out that the heart which U. Harvey was called "the sun of our organism", does not alone. Belarusian scientists have discovered a pumping effect of numerous muscles, which helps the heart to push through the bearing life" blood in microcirculation.
To know it and understand it is very important for the further development of biology and medicine, for preventive control of cardiovascular diseases for physical culture and sport, for all people wishing to have a good live your life. Every person at any age can now understand clearly how to help the heart so that it works efficiently. It turns out that it is enough to know the physical peace to the heart harmful, so systematically, starting from childhood, to exercise intramuscular "heart", other supporting factors of blood circulation and ' body systems.
Physical activity helps to overcome emotional pain, severe moral test.
"Sport builds a culture of optimism, " wrote A.V. Lunacharsky. Great happiness to comprehend the meaning of this.
In the promotion of physical culture should be actively involved health workers in the prevention of some diseases. Teachers need to teach schoolchildren the right attitude to physical culture and sports. Still M. I. Kalinin said: "Why I have put physical education into line with the Russian language and mathematics? Why I think its one of the basic subjects of training and education? First of all because I want you all to be healthy Soviet citizens. If our school will produce people with broken nerves and upset stomachs, the needy in the annual treatment at resorts, where does this fit? Such people are difficult to find happiness in life."
"Physical education of the child,- was noted by A.V. Lunacharsky,is the basis for everything else. Without proper application of hygiene in the development of the child, without properly set of physical culture and sports we'll never have a healthy generation".
Adults should always take care of the education of the children of hard work, strong-willed, and not dependant qualities. From an early age, the child should be able to overcome difficulties. Healthy heart will be when a child one has learned constantly training adjutants, muscles, and they don't like peace.
Only by common efforts of family, teachers, psychologists, doctors can successfully fight for physical perfection young people, for their moral purity and spiritual wealth.
More than half a century our life, as predicted by K. Marx, is built "according to the laws of beauty". Therefore, the combination of sophistication of forms and fitness of the body must always go in tandem with improving the conditions of life, fancy clothes, spiritual perfection, richness of mind and high erudition. "The movement is pantry life",-said the ancient Greek historian and philosopher Plutarch (approx. 46-127).
Now more than ever it is necessary that the subject of physical culture and sports wider included in the modern art. Artists, sculptors, writers and poets in our age should attract genuine images in a strong courageous people "with bronze muscles and freshness of the skin", athletes with their indomitable will to win, women who, through regular physical exercise when im 30 and when they are over 50, still graceful and beautiful.
The hero of our time must embody a new progressive person seeking active' full life, in which the physical culture and sports are a natural need. There are many such people, and they will be more.
The main thing is to learn how to live by myself and properly educate the younger generation. It is very hard, requires first of all the knowledge of the laws of biology, physiology, and many other disciplines. Fortunately, science today gives us a reliable reference in the struggle for health and longevity, and the socialist system about the necessary conditions for the implementation of highly-humane goals. Our duty remains constantly educating ourselves, to bring up young generation persistent, courageous, healthy, cheerful. Only with the help of vsenarodnoj physical movement can solve these tasks.