The two gastric or stomach in the form of "hourglass"

In the case when the ulcer is located in the middle of a small and sometimes large curvature (the so-called mediastrategy ulcer), scarring may result in scar stenosis - the interception over the channel, the body of the stomach. Thus there is the so-called two of the stomach in the form of "hourglass". This complication of peptic ulcer disease is relatively rare. It is more often in women than in men. At the top of the bag is more voluminous, as fundic Department of the stomach and its vault in the norm tend to bear tank function.
Symptoms resemble symptoms of pyloric stenosis with the difference that when mediastyle stenosis picture of the ulcer is expressed more actively, as there is itself ulcer, which, by the way, can panettiruling, which is also accompanied by the characteristic penetration manifestations. To otrezku and heaving almost always join the regurgitation. Along with this bright act exhaustion, dehydration and loss of electrolytes.
Characteristic x-ray picture confirms the diagnosis: a picture of the "hourglass" is combined with clearly visible ulcer niche. The contours of the stomach are fantastic shape in the form of letter Century Such a defeat stomach almost have to distinguish in a number of cases from syphilis its deformation, from segmental hypertensive banners, from the so-called hypotonic elongated stomach, and also from the so-called "cascade stomach", whose picture disappears after appropriate antispasmodic therapy.
Treatment if shot suspicion about cancer of the stomach, can in some cases to be conservative and to be directed against ulcers, on the one hand, and on the other, to eliminate spasm and edema. In that case, when there was a rough scarring and worsens the condition of the patient becomes showing surgery. In such cases, there are 2 variants of operations or the imposition of gastro gastroenerology, or, to avoid the possibility of cancer in ulcerative scars, Subtotal resection of the stomach with anastomosis the upper stomach pouch (within unchanged its walls) with the jejunum and closing tightly duodenal stump by Billroth II.