Breathing is both easy and nostrils

The main breathing exercise of yogis is full breath" with both lungs and nostrils, including preparatory and main exercise (table. 5).
Preliminary exercise is to train the right and left lung turn and includes three types of breathing: abdominal, chest, and upper necessary to prepare the lungs to the subsequent loads of the main exercises.
Exercise 1. This preliminary exercise contributes to the expansion of pulmonary diaphragms and includes abdominal, chest, and upper breath performed sequentially one after the other in a few days.

Exercise yoga for beginners to develop breathing (full breath)

A variety of breathing exercises Types of breaths Time and duration of exercise Additional information
Exercise 1. Preliminary exercise (PU) - extension of pulmonary diaphragms Breast Upper Abdominal (made by turns) At any time of the day (inspiration to record a few seconds) - in a few days PU is done with closed eyes in three positions: lying, sitting and standing; light should be filled with air, almost to the limit (in this exercise while standing, with abdominal breathing you should gently bend a head and shoulders forward, at chest and shoulders to expand and lift your head)
Exercise 2. The main exercise (SE) - to develop a neutral energy fields a) Connection (alternate) three types of breathing: The whole cycle of the SE is 30 min (percentage points a and b) and 5 min (liter) GU (percentage points a and b) is "deliberately" and standing; elbows with the need to keep horizontally, and hands should rest on his shoulders. When you inhale, you can tiptoe: light should be filled with air slowly - almost to the limit. When exhaling should relax - shoulders forward
breast 3 c
top 1 c
abdominal 2 c
b) In the reverse order is the same: abdominal 2 c
top 1 c
breast 3 c
C) Simultaneous expansion of air in the chest, sides and belly 6 c The SU (n) is lying: hands behind his head, legs stretched out. There must be "conscious" gradual filling of the lungs with air - breath, liberation from it - exhale