Abdominal (bottom) breathing

Abdominal (bottom) breathing is standing (lying or sitting) when focusing on the abdomen. After a simple start out the nose is slow breath stretch of a forward abdominal wall. When exhaling, pressed against the wall of the abdomen to back.
Breast (average) breathing should be done in a standing position (lying or sitting), focusing on the edges (on two sides) After normal exhalation is slow breath, when it stretched from both sides of the edge. When you exhale nose ribs compressed. With this breathing part of the lungs filled with air, and abdomen and shoulders remain stationary.
Upper breath you must perform a standing position (lying or sitting), focusing on the top of her lungs. After normal exhalation should breathe a nose, while slowly raising her collarbone and shoulders. When exhaling air shoulders and collarbone, go down, and the air is pressed from the lungs through the nose. This type of breathing stomach and the middle part of the breast is fixed.
Each of the three breathing exercises should start with a deep and strong exhalation. The main exercise must be made "knowingly": inhale - "the absorption of prana", exhale "the release of harmful substances". Thus it is necessary (as of inhalation and exhalation) every second to repeat the mantra "om" (a-u-m-m-m-m). It should also trigger the cross both nostrils simultaneously and evenly.
Before you begin main exercises for beginners pronounced necessary mantra and engaged in thinking (5 min) on the usefulness of the breathing exercises. The main exercise is done in a ventilated (but not cold) the premises in the summer-in the fresh air, in the shadows, best naked. The main exercise ends 30 minutes before eating (to do in the morning or evening to 15 min), but you can in 30 minutes after eating. In my free time (during the first month) should be trained in the implementation and breathing exercises for beginners: a breath - 4, retention 16, exhale for 5 seconds, stop-16 (rhythm: 4-16 with - 5-16).
The main exercise is performed after completion of the preparatory exercise and serves for the development of both the three types of breathing. It gives an opportunity to rejuvenate and stimulate the body of those who are involved in them. There is no part of the body, even the smallest, which had no effect would be beneficial is the breath. It helps to remove harmful substances from the blood, increases the resistance of the body, improve metabolism and has extremely strong regenerating effect on the endocrine system.